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    Which Shure IEM?

    Hey, I heard somewhere that the 315 or 215 come with a smaller cable than all of the other models.  I'm not sure which one though.  I purchased the 535 and their cable is HUGE...why is it so long, I wish I knew.  Does anyone know the model that comes with the smaller cable?   Thanks
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    Denon AH-D1100, $100 off

    Denon AH-D1100 go for $99 from electonic expo with the coupon code, GRANDSLAM   Do you guys think this is a good deal on these portable headphones?
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    V-Moda M-100

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    Your favorite portable headphone?

    What is your favorite portable headphone and why? Do you also use it at home?
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    Sennheiser's new headphone announcement (week 9-15)

    I figured out what they are going to announce.   =P   It's going to be a closed-back headphones!
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    Is it true? A question to everybody on head-fi.

    Is it true that in-ear headphones will damage your ears a lot faster and easier than on-ear or around-ear headphones?
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    How do they compare nowadays?

    The big boy on the block are the V-Moda M-80. The last time I tried V-Moda headphones, to be more specific, the Crossfade LP, I was VERY let down and didn't look back at that company. Even though their products look great, what's more important is sound quality. I'm a fan of the Denon AH-D2k-7k...
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    To EQ or not to EQ?

    I was wondering if any of you guys, especially ones who are really into the audio quality field, and is experienced with headphones and such audio gear adjust the EQ to their likings.   I was told to just leave it flat, but I decided to play around with it for a bit and set it to a way that...
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    Can you answer this question about headphone impedance?

    I always wondered whether or not a dedicated AMP, or a sound card with an AMP (such as xonar essence from asus) would make a headphone with an impedance of anything less < 150 sound any better?   We got the AH-D2000 from Denon, that is 32ohm; or, maybe the ATH M-50 with 38ohms. Many...
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    looking for these

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    Klipsch Reference S4 (NEW)   Interesting!  
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    I keep going back and forth, help me settle!

    I'm torn between the M50 and AH-D2000.   Every time I go back to the M50, I'm awestruck by the quality and how closer the sound hits my ears, it's almost like the AH-D2000 is slightly recessed compared to these...but maybe because the M50's are tighter, letting the sound much closer.  ...
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    Favorite/Best speakers (2.1, 5.1 or 7.1) that you know of for computer

    Been searching and need opinions from the experienced here at head-fi!
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    What's your pick?

    I'm torn on what the best to get for about $250 or a little more. I'm an aphile freak! I need good quality headphones, none of that cheap beats by dre stuff.
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    Sennheiser HD598, are they?

    Do you people believe the HD598 is true audiophile quality? How would you compare them with headphones within the same price range? I have found the HD598 a gigantic improvement from the HD595. 1. Warmer sound 2. Very balanced 3. Excellent forward mid 4. Insane bass that goes deep and extends...
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    Which brand produces more of a natural sound?

    Out of the four, which brand produces headphones with more of a natural sound?   AKG Denon Beyerdynamic Sennheiser   Do you prefer natural sound or fun sound?
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    the confession thread (has this site tainted you?)

    I know before I got here I was normal (I say that because at one point, I almost lost my mind as this became an addiction, but thankfully I got myself together)...I had other things on my mind. Headphones became a habit. I think about head-fi when I get home and pretty much check the site every...
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    Is this a good price for the IE8?

    So I have been thinking lately on which IEM I want to purchase next, and the battle was between the TF10 and IE8 as some of you already know from my previous thread. I figured since I auditioned both in the past and preffered the IE8 for everything, about two notches higher than the TF10 except...
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    Got the 880/600 today, a word on them already

    is it me or do other owners and people who have audition them feel as if they're too bright and sound way over processed?   don't get me wrong, the sound is very addicting and energetic, but I feel as if they actually take my songs and enhance them with more exciting treble and bass (this...
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    DEAL ALERT (AMAZON): UE TripleFi 10   $295 from $371   Man, I have been waiting for the price of these to go down, thank God!   snatch one if you wanted to! I just ordered a pair
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    UE Custom Owners Report In!

    So I was looking at getting a custom from UE, but I don't know if I should.   triplefi 10 is my choice right now, i'm just waiting until amazon puts the price down to $290 again.   any big sound difference between the triplefi 10 and any of their customs besides fit? do customs go into...
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    Giving Grado a chance, need your opinions

    So I decided to give Grado a chance and I'm going out to b&h tomorrow and I decided on two models that were just right for the budget:   or     Opinions?   Oh and by the way...
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    Portable Headphone Amplifier

    What is your choice of a headphone amplifier? I've been looking at a few and I'm mostly in the FiiO E5.   Any suggestions?