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  1. Ruel

    Problem w/ Grado SR60 jack

    Howdy,   My beloved Grado SR60 'phones seem to have taken a knock in a recent move. The jack no longer stays in the "right" position in my iPod. (Not providing stereo sound) I checked to ensure that it wasn't the iPod by trying it out with the normal apple 'phones, my Shure in-ears and my...
  2. Ruel

    Improving upon what I have

    I am looking for a solid DAC/Amp to use with a MacBook (3,1) and iPod touch. I am currently listening through Grado SR60's at home, when the open design is not an issue. ATH-M50's when out and about/traveling. Right now I am looking at the iBasso D2 Boa. It's price point is in a nice place...
  3. Ruel

    Sealed, ~$150

    Looking for a good choice for a sealed headphone. I have been listening to a pair of Grado SR60 headphones. I would like some sealed 'phones as I find myself in public/traveling frequently and the leakage is an issue. I primarily listen to classical music - vocal. I listen through an iPod...
  4. Ruel

    Quick advice: iPod voice recorder

    I am looking to buy a microphone which can interface with with an iPod touch through the iPod adapter port and write the recording to its memory so that I can access it later and edit it, load it onto my machine etc. etc. Any recommendations?
  5. Ruel

    Music Library, Harddrive

    Alright questions galore from this one: For those of you familiar with or using OS X and iTunes this question is for you. Recently my music library has began to grow at a staggeringly quick pace as I import my CD collection in ALAC, and extend my listening to more and more artists and...
  6. Ruel

    New Headphones, New Question

    I have always been a fan of music, and not too long ago began taking the quality of the music I listen to off my computer more seriously. I began by listening through a pair of Shure e2c in ears but found the process of rolling the foam then sticking it halfway through my skull to be cumbersome...