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  1. Lupine

    Cowon D2 & Klipsch Image X-5

    I've had the X-5s for about a week, the D2 for 4-5 days, so this really is a first impressions post, rather than a comprehensive review. I'm still playing around with the gel tips for the X-5s. The large double flange works best, but isolates too well. I can't hear the phone ring when I wear...
  2. Lupine

    CX500 vs. CX500-G4ME

    Anyone know the difference between the standard Sennheiser CX500 IEMs and the CX500 Gaming Headphone? I did a search here, but nothing turned up. Sennheiser's site doesn't even have a spec sheet for the CX500-G4ME, but there is an image and MSRP. Amazon has the standard CX500 for $120, but...
  3. Lupine

    Which option would you chose?

    I've narrowed down my options and come up with some combos. The hardest part is staying at least within sight of my $225 budget. My heart is telling me to cough up the dough for the D2/X-10 system, but that's really busting the budget. Cowan D2 Options Cowan D2 4GB with Klipsch X-10, ~$300...