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  1. Harry Manback

    Grado Hemp Headphone Loaner Program

    I really don't want to try to reshape them back to factory shape unless someone else already did some bending. It's and easy fix, I just don't want to mess around with headphones I don't own. And no, this isn't something that just happened as a matter of using them. I think someone gave them...
  2. Harry Manback

    Opamp search - Looking to replace at least one...

    TI opa1622. hands down the best I've heard.
  3. Harry Manback

    Apple Lightning Dongle

    LG G8X ThinQ Samsung Galaxy S10e I'm not going to spend any more time on this. It's obviously possible. Also:
  4. Harry Manback

    Apple Lightning Dongle

    I disagree. You can waterproof the jack. Apple did this to pump up sales of wireless Air Pods and Beats. To think otherwise is naive.
  5. Harry Manback

    Apple Lightning Dongle

    This little dongle really pisses me off. I've spent way too much money in the past on amps and dacs only to find out that this little $9 marvel sounds at least AS good as anything else I've heard, and probably better. I wish I had found it sooner, but I guess I wouldn't appreciate just how...
  6. Harry Manback

    Back In Stock at Audio46: Final Audio A8000 Pure Beryllium Dynamic Driver In-Ear Headphones

    Looks like a total ripoff to me. 2 grand for an off the shelf iem is idiotic.
  7. Harry Manback

    DENAFRIPS Terminator: the King of R2R dac

    What is the circular glass/plastic thingimabob?
  8. Harry Manback

    Massdrop x Grace Design Standard DAC Balanced (SDAC-B)

    Too bad you can't buy these anymore. Anyone know when with have another round?
  9. Harry Manback

    Grado HF3 Loaner Program

    Firstly - thanks to TTVJ for the loaner program! Physical Characteristics: The HF3 is a really nice looking headphone. I'm a fan of the Grado aestetic to a large degree. I'd prefer less plastic, but, you do get the weight benefits. The HF3 is very light and stays put pretty well. I assume...
  10. Harry Manback

    Grado Wireless Series

    Does anyone know how they sound (wireless and/or wired) when compared to a PS500 or HF3?
  11. Harry Manback

    Grado Wireless Series

    Does anyone know what bluetooth chip/dac/amp is used?
  12. Harry Manback

    Grado HF3 Loaner Program

    Email sent - I'm very interested in hearing what Grado is doing with some of their newer models. My Grado history - Former owner of: PS1000, GH1, SR125, PS500e, RS1, GS1000e Currently own: PS500
  13. Harry Manback

    Fostex TH900 Impressions & Discussion Thread

    I wish Fostex/Foster would sell replacement parts in the way Sennheiser does. Fostex customer service is non-existent.
  14. Harry Manback

    Grado Modders Go Nhoord?!?!

    What is a Vever headband?
  15. Harry Manback

    Pics of extreme audiophiles

    I can't even identify most of this stuff. Is the black box on the side a flux-capacitor? Is the headphone plugged into a vape? Is vaping with Grados called Graping? So many questions...
  16. Harry Manback

    NEW! Fostex TH610 Premium Reference Closed-Back Headphones

    Do they brush your neck? They look really long.
  17. Harry Manback

    Monoprice Portable THX AAA Amplifier

    Think mine had 1 usb cable. UI for eq is horrible. Needs an app.
  18. Harry Manback

    Monoprice Portable THX AAA Amplifier

    Grado PS500 (not e) are also like hot cougars prowling around this amp. The bass is delicious. Tool - Undertow is as you’ve never heard it before. It’s like when you go to the optometrist, and he’s flipping lenses. Is this better, or this? Well, it’s this, this, this. Then he hits you with...
  19. Harry Manback

    Monoprice Portable THX AAA Amplifier

    Edit: They have no hiss that I can hear.
  20. Harry Manback

    Monoprice Portable THX AAA Amplifier

    I have some KZ ZS6 iems. I don't know how sensitive they are, but they do have BA's. I'll let you know how they do with the amp after I get it.
  21. Harry Manback

    Monoprice Portable THX AAA Amplifier

    Awesome - thank you. I was mainly worried with the hiss after reading the review on I think I'm going to purchase one of these to replace my Schiit Stack. I've been wanting something portable.
  22. Harry Manback

    Monoprice Portable THX AAA Amplifier

    It has 2 usb ports. The one for data could be used for firmware updates I'd assume. It may require to hold some button or combination of buttons upon startup in "Update" mode.
  23. Harry Manback

    Monoprice Portable THX AAA Amplifier

    Sooooo - this device HAS to digitize analog input or it can't be used with the DSP effects (Dirac, eq). I'm assuming that incoming digital signals are left alone, and go straight to the dsp. It would be an interesting exercise to see if disabling all digital effects means that the incoming...
  24. Harry Manback

    Cognitive Bias- The Home Game!

    I see your point, but a reviewer who doesn't tell what music was used is lazy. How can I try to verify what was written if I can't listen to the same tracks? I've been trying to identify whether a sound in the Foo Fighter's cymbals is intentional, or is a failing of my gear, or just poor...
  25. Harry Manback

    Grado Fan Club!

    Ok, did that. You’re still wrong. The pads you choose are the biggest way to influence the sound.