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  1. mscott58

    LH Labs IEM-X Impressions Thread

    Seeing that the LH Labs IEM-X Balanced IEM's with the 3.5mm TRRS connectors are now shipping, thought it was time to start a thread just for them versus having to post about them on the V2, V2+ or (shudder) Verb threads...   Here's a link to the LHLabs site where you can buy the IEM-X's for...
  2. mscott58

    Campfire Audio - Gather around ALO Audio's new venture into IEMs and headphones

    Word on the street is that Ken Ball and the team that brought us ALO Audio are in the process of launching a new brand called "Campfire Audio". Gather around the Campfire my friends - good times await!   While the ventures are related, the line of demarcation is that ALO Audio will cover amps...