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  1. Palash

    Review by 'Palash' on item 'Anew U1'

    Introduction It's always a very critical situation; when I have prepared myself to evaluate a product but instead listening to my playlists for hours without writing anything. Anew U1 is something like that and after almost three months of daily usage, I am doing this review. Anew as a brand is...
  2. Palash

    Review by 'Palash' on item 'SMSL M100'

    Introduction What is the best sub 99$ Desktop/ Portable DAC? - This is the question; I have seen many budget music lovers asking this time to time. But the answer is not as straight forward as one may think. 99$ is a price point where either a manufacturer has to limit features or a buyer has to...
  3. Palash

    Review by 'Palash' on item 'Moonbuds Kingslayer'

    Introduction My first contact with Moonbuds happened on last February by their flagship ‘Heron’ Earbud. No doubt it was a splendid experience for me. Personally, I am an Earbud lover because of Earbuds always helpful either I am walking on the streets or working inside the cubicle. IEMS and...
  4. Moonbuds Kingslayer

    Moonbuds Kingslayer

    Specification Driver - 15.38 MM (Made in JAPAN), Impedance - 32Ω, Frequency Response – 19 Hz to 21 kHz, Sound pressure level: 98.5db 0.18v 1 kHz, Wire - Beautiful hand braided wire, Cable Length: 1m, Plug: 3.5mm Gold plated
  5. Palash

    Reply to review by 'Palash' on item 'Fearless Audio S6Rui'

    What are the sources ( DAC, DAP, AMP) paired with S6 for this evaluation ?
  6. Palash

    Review by 'Palash' on item 'PAI AUDIO DR2'

    Introduction Shenzhen Paiaudio Electronics Co.Ltd in short Paiaudio form Shenzhen is a manufacturer of high end audio products. They have variety of products (Earbuds, single dynamic driver IEMs, fully BA IEMs and hybrid IEMs) from 20$ to 300$ and today for review I have got their DR2 model. I...
  7. Palash

    Reply to review by 'Palash' on item 'DD Electronics TC 35'

    Yes the purpose of this devices are same, but TC 35 is a simple type C DAC dongle. I can't tell any similarities or difference as I have not tried those to items.
  8. Palash

    Review by 'Palash' on item 'DD Electronics TC 35'

    Introduction Thanos sacrificed Gamora for Soul stone, we sacrificed Headphone jack for the sake of slim flagship smart phones with type C port. Now what’s next? The obvious answer is wireless audio. So throw away all your existing IEMs, headphones or get an inexpensive and average sounding USB...
  9. DD Electronics TC 35

    DD Electronics TC 35

    Specifications Model Number - TC35, Structure – Aluminum, OTG Plugs – Type C USB 2.0, Analog Output – 3.5 mm (CTIA Compatible), Cable – 105 Core 7N Single crystal Silver plated OCC Litz cable, USB Protocol – UAC1.0/ 2.0/ 3.0, MAX Decoding – 192 KHZ/24 bit, SNR – 114 dB with -98dB...
  10. Palash

    Review by 'Palash' on item 'EFFECT AUDIO "ORIGIN"'

    Introduction Effect Audio doesn’t need any introduction in our hi-fi community; they are one of the leaders of premium hi-fi cables right now. IEM brands like EmpireEars, VISION EARS & Jomo Audio also including Effect Audio cables with their premium in ear monitors. Quality is the top priority...


    Effect Audio "Origin" is the true entry level audiophile cable. Sporting custom EA designed parts and accessories, the "Origin" infused the soul of Effect Audio's craftsmanship into this piece of cable art. Perfect for budding audiophiles and musicians alike, the "Origin" is not only...
  12. Palash

    Reply to review by 'Palash' on item 'ISN AUDIO RAMBO'

    Thanks. I have already mentioned the sources earlier in this review. For comparison in this price point I have used only OUTART ACG. I will update this review with a comparison part soon .
  13. Palash

    Review by 'Palash' on item 'ISN AUDIO RAMBO'

    Introduction A cup of basil tea and some favorite BLUES always rejuvenates me after a hectic day in office. I prefer Earbuds more than an IEM or Headphone, when my body is totally exhausted and crying only for the bed. So as of now I have collected more than twenty Earbuds and use them...


    Specification Driver Size - 14.8mm, Shell – Yuin, Frequency - 6-25KHz, Impedance - 32Ω Sensitivity -115dB, Plug Type - 3.5mm/2.5mm. Cable Length: 1.2m.
  15. Palash

    Review by 'Palash' on item 'TFZ TEQUILA1 IEM'

    Introduction TFZ (The Fragrant Zither), a well known Chinese brand from Shenzhen established in 2015 and manufacturing dazzling audio video equipments for couple of years. Their IEM line up is unique and vibrant and priced even from 30$ to 350$. TFZ King Series, Queen Series, Secret Garden...
  16. Palash

    Review by 'Palash' on item 'Whizzer A-HE03 Kylin'

    Introduction The real name of Whizzer Kylin A-HE03 is Batman earphone, right? No just kidding (Whizzer logo really looks like Batman’s logo). Kylin name is enough than A-HE03 for me. Before Kylin I have heard about their A-15 model but was not fortunate enough to try. Now whatever Whizzer doing...
  17. Palash

    Reply to review by 'Palash' on item 'BGVP DM6'

    Those tips were supplied with my TFZ Tequila 1 but any white supper soft tip should work fine. The inner steam of the tip should be soft and not hard.
  18. Palash

    Reply to review by 'Palash' on item 'BGVP DM6'

    Thanks for pointing out the l & r marking error of mine. Sure I will try pure copper soon.
  19. Palash

    Reply to review by 'Palash' on item 'BGVP DM6'

    Thanks, it's may have not possible without your help. Much appreciated.
  20. Palash

    Review by 'Palash' on item 'BGVP DM6'

    Disclaimer – This DM6 is a loaner unit from my fellow audiophile. For this review I have not received any kind of compensation from BGVP or any seller and doing it only out of curiosity. More than 100 hours of burn-in is given before starting any critical listening. Introduction ABCD or BGVP...
  21. Palash

    Review by 'Palash' on item 'Moonbuds Heron vs Moonbuds Nightshade'

    Introduction Earbuds can’t replace IEMs, yes it’s a bold statement but true, still Earbuds are everywhere from 5$ trap to 300 $ trash. I think choosing an Earbud over IEM depends on convenience. Personally I am also an Earbud fan but prefer using them only when listening in a quite environment...
  22. Palash

    Review by 'Palash' on item 'Audirect Beam'

    Introduction September16, 2016 Apple announced their iphone 7 without a headphone jack; but why? Because they have the ‘Courage ‘to do so. Wireless innovations knocking our doors and we still thinking about a headphone jack, the immediate answer for a missing headphone jack was Bluetooth...
  23. Palash

    Review by 'Palash' on item 'OURART ACG'

    Introduction ‘Easy to start but difficult to conclude’ yes this words are true when I am talking about Earbuds. Every time I get my hands on a new Earbud, it seems it’s my endgame Bud. But as soon as I try a new one the whole game changes immediately. The point is, there is no end of favorite...


    OURART ACG Titanium Crystal Diaphragm Dynamic Driver MMCX HiFi Earbud Specification Drive unit: 14.2 mm ultra-thin titanium crystal diaphragm dynamic driver Frequency response range: 20~32000Hz Sensitivity: 122dB Impedance: 35 ohm Distortion: less than 0.5% (1KHz) Interface: MMCX
  25. Palash

    Review by 'Palash' on item 'BQEYZ KB1'

    Features Technology – Hybrid IEM, Body - CNC Machined Aluminum, Colors - Black or Grey, Nozzle size - 5.5mm, Cable - Removable cable (Behind the ear) type, Controls -1 button control w/Mic. Specification Driver unit - 10mm single dynamic + 6mm single dynamic + 1 Balanced Armature, Frequency...