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  1. Douger333

    Ampsandsounds Agartha and Mr. Speakers Ether C Flow

    I have owned Ethers since March and love them. Last year I also heard Ether C's at RMAF and decided that I could be happy with my Alpha Primes for closed cans. I heard the Ether C Flows with the Agartha 300B tube amp and can only say 'Wow'!!  I am still happy with my Ethers and Primes but this...
  2. Douger333

    Omaha NE Head-Fi Meet April 20, 2013!

    Custom Electronics has been very kind to accommodate meets the past couple of years, and Larry agrees that it would be a good idea again! Last year we had a bit of ambiguity about the dates, because I jumped in cold and had no experience organizing...  This time we are good with April 20 which...
  3. Douger333

    Omaha Head-Fi Meet New Date May 19/CE!

    Apologies for any confusion...  I am a newbie on Head-Fi, infrequent poster but serious lurker and was quite infected and joined on January 2011.  Upon learning that Larry, Marylin and Tim have been active supporters of  Head-F I asked when another meet was planned, and here I am. After...