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  1. purpledrank

    $500 Maximum for IEMs with sound signature similar to OPPO PM3

    I'm looking to upgrade from my Shure SE215s and get a new pair of IEMs for commuting. They need to have good sound isolation and work well with mobile devices. My two main sources are my iphone and Fiio X1. Like the title says I am willing to spend up to $500. I own the OPPO PM3s and really...
  2. purpledrank

    $300 Open Back Over Ears for Home Use

    As the title says, I am looking for a pair of Over Ear, Open headphones. My budget is $300 but it can be stretched if it is really worth it. I am looking for a headphone that is really a jack of all trades. I don't want a master of a certain genre. That also does not mean I want a neutral...
  3. purpledrank

    Looking for a portable amp

    I'm buying the Sennheiser hd 650s soon and I know that I'll need an amp. I will be using it at home but I would prefer not to be tethered to my desktop computer. I am looking for a portable amp for under $200 that can support the 300 ohm requirement for the Sennheisers. The amp will be paired...
  4. purpledrank

    Does anyone know anything about LSTN Troubadour headphones?

    This website sells all 3 types of wooden headphones (on-ear, over-ear, IEM) The price seems like a deal too good to be true. They have a full refund policy but I don't want to waste my time buying these headphones then having to send them back. Does anyone own these...
  5. purpledrank

    Hi I'm new and would love some recommendations

    Hello my name is purpledrank and I live in the US. I am in the market for some over ears or on ears in the near future. My current headphones are Audio Technica IEMs and they are Solid Bass but the model is only made in Japan. I want to buy some headphones for LESS than $200. My music range is...