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  1. Richter Di

    Reply to review by 'Richter Di' on item 'Nuraloops'

    Yes, but it also changed the difference between ANC and none quite a bit. With ANC it is a more saturated sound. Also the manual off does not work always directly, but sometimes I have to try out different fingers until after very long pressing the nuraloops are starting. And vice versa the...
  2. Richter Di

    Reply to review by 'Richter Di' on item 'nura nuraphone'

    @JefroyK Do you have the Nuraphones lightning cable? IF yes, I have a question. I bought the lightning cable for the Nuraphone since I was convinced I could still access the app while using the lightning cable, but I can not. Is this a design flaw or is this just something I do wrong? It is bad...
  3. Nuraloops


    Bluetooth noise cancelling inEars with an inear measuremen to individualize the sound. Touch sensitive for volume, pause/play, level of outside sound.
  4. Richter Di

    Comment by 'Richter Di' in item 'Creative Super X-Fi Amp'

    May I recommend to join my list of optimal fitting of headphones:
  5. Richter Di

    Review by 'Richter Di' on item 'Meier-Audio Corda Soul'

    Sometimes the name of a product reveals so much more. This is the case with the “Soul”. I have known Jan Meier now for quite a while. If I am not completely wrong since 2004/2005, when I ended up organizing the first Netherlands Headphone Meet. Over the years I had the chance to try out many of...
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    Comment by 'Richter Di' in item 'Corda Soul (deleted)'

    Thanks can full relate to your review. Have heard the Soul myself several times throughout the development process and it has grown to a class in its own. Highly recommended for serious headphone music lovers.
  7. Richter Di

    Review by 'Richter Di' on item 'Audeze iSine 20'

    I bought these new in May 2017 from an official dealer in Germany. I receive and received no benefits from Audeze or any other party to write this review. This is only my personal opinion. These were my first Audeze headphones and my second pair of planar-magnetic headphones. The other planars...
  8. Richter Di

    Reply to review by 'richter di' on item 'Sony Walkman Nw-zx2 128gb Mp3 Player Hi-res'

    Thank you so much for your review and the tip with the poweramp Alpha. Any thoughts regarding the current alpha-build-703 versus the version you linked above? Thanks.