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  1. Falqon

    Looking for earbud alternatives, any ideas? Sony NWZ-W273s

    I realize that these aren't typical head-fi territory. (I own Grado's, Senns, Shures, and Ety's, but bear with me) I enjoy these for working out because I hate wires, and these are waterproof. The problem is they advertise them for swimming but the tips themselves are absolute garbage. I would...
  2. Falqon

    Replacements for ER6i helmet use?

    I loved my Etymotic's for long bike trips, wind noise is just killer on my CBR.  Unfortunately I'm an idiot and left them at a rest stop a few months ago.   I've looked, and the new Ety's look a lot longer, I can't see that working out for a full face helmet.  What other canalphones are...
  3. Falqon

    Best SQ player with a SD or CF slot?

    I did a search, but didn't find much relevent. I want to spend less than $150 and I think that a $100 or so player and a spare 1 gig SD card would be perfect for me. SD cards are really plummeting, I think I saw one for like $50 which for a gig isn't bad. I want to be able to play really high...
  4. Falqon

    Should I sell my MD player? MZ-R700

    I'm not a huge audiophile, just starting out. Only have grado sr60's, I just spent some time searching and it sounds like a lot of people don't like my atrac compression in my r700. I checked ebay and I can get like $100 for my MD player, should I sell it and get a 1 or 1.5 gig hard drive...