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    JVC HANC250 Replacement Earpads?

    The earpads on my JVC HANC250 are getting ragged, and the replacement earpads offered via the usual suspects (Amazon, eBay, etc.) appear to be of very poor quality. JVC no longer makes replacement earpads for these, if they ever did. Has anybody had success jury rigging replacement earpads...
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    How to Auto-Post Friendfeed Updates to Facebook?

    How is this done? I've been Googling around and looking at link settings and applications in both Friendfeed and Facebook, but haven't found anything that works, yet.
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    "Bargain Hunt" on BBC

    Don't make fun (on second thought, go ahead), but we like a UK TV show called Bargain Hunt. It's a game show, really, in which two pairs of contestants are provided a sum of money with which to buy antiques at a flea market, and then see their value realized at an actual auction. The team who...
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    Fail Tale for Zune,, and Zune Marketplace Support

    Zune's new subscription service looked like a bargain: All-you-can-eat music plus 10 non-DRMed MP3s per month to download, your choice. I opened a Zune account using my email address, installed the interface software, and things went pear-shaped from there: The software prompted me...
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    Sources for PGP Whole Disk Encryption?

    I want to purchase a license of PGP Whole Disk Encryption 9.91 for Windows (Vista) and PGP Whole Disk Encryption for OS X 9.91. The only place I have seen it sold is at PGP's own web site for $119 per license. While I am sure it is worth it, I would like to find it cheaper. I've Googled...
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    Rockbox 3.0

    It's out, I just installed it, and I like it a lot thus far. Question: I've had the older versions of Rockbox on my iPod (and H120, and H140, and iRiver H10) for years now. Before installing the new version on all of them, would it be best to "wipe" the old install of Rockbox, or just install...
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    Sennheiser Rebate--$50 off 600 and 650

    Check this out.
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    Advice for 1TB Internal SATA Drives for RAID Array

    I need to populate a NAS device with four big SATA drives (storage algorithm will be a proprietary one called "X-Raid", similar to RAID-5). Googling has yielded a number of choices, but I haven't been able to locate a chart of side-by-side comparisons. Decision criterium is almost solely...
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    Fit Adjustments to Custom IEMs?

    Would be interested in hearing any advice or comments from those who purchased custom IEMs (ES2, UE11, etc.) and needed to do some initial back-and-forth with the maker to achieve a good fit. I just got some Westone ES2s and am very happy with the sonic performance, but one of the earpieces...
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    Any Predictions for Macworld Expo?

    Does anybody have an inside line on what new surprises Steve Jobs has for us?
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    dBpowerAMP Support for Cuesheets?

    I have ripped my CDs to FLAC files (one big FLAC file per album) with cuesheet using EAC. I am trying to figure out how to batch process all those FLAC files into MP3s using dBpowerAMP. DBpowerAMP will transcode one large MP3 file from one large FLAC file, but that's not what I want. I want...
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    Drive Offsets While Ripping to FLAC

    I have several dozen CDs ripped to FLAC using EAC. I've only just learned about drive offsets (from, so I had a null drive offset setting when I ripped those several dozen initial CDs. I've corrected the oversight. Question: Would you re-rip? Did not having a number in...
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    Foobar Passthrough with iTunes

    With a lot of help (thanks, nfusion770!), I finally got Multi-Plugin working to pass my iTunes library through to Foobar. The catch is that none of my sound cards on my computers support ASIO, so I'm dubious that I have gotten any advantage. In the absence of ASIO, what does one gain by...
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    Using Two iPods with One Instance of iTunes

    I have two identical 60gig 5G iPod Videos. Is it possible to assign different "identities" to each (I've named them when queried), so that they are synched with different libraries when updated?
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    Foobar's ReplayGain Processing

    If one converts from a FLAC file (with cuesheet) to MP3 using Foobar, the following warning appears in the text box (if you tick ReplayGain processing): "Warning: applying ReplayGain adjustment during conversion will irreversibly alter audio data in encoded file, unlike ReplayGain scan after...
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    Headband-Modified KSC-75

    I have seen pics of KSC-75s modded into "regular" headphones using parts from, I'm assuming, el-cheapo headphones. I haven't been successful in locating cheap headphones that look like candidates for dismantling for use with the KSC-75s. Has anyone done this successfully, and, if so, do you...
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    Cancelled my E500 preorder today

    I had them preordered from Headroom for $399, but decided to bail when I thought of all of the other situations in which I was an early buyer of a new design. I am going to sit out the situation until the dust settles, and re-evaluate, perhaps next year. Methinks the price will be lower then...
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    New "Feature" in latest version of WinAmp?

    When you click from one track to the other in a playlist (or Winamp goes from one track to the other while it is playing the loaded playlist), there is an audible, intentional computer mouse-click sound! CLICK. Does anyone know how to turn it off? I could find nothing in preferences. Does WinAmp...
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    Reasons to keep my iriver H10

    I recently acquired a new iriver H140, which I have Rockboxed (motivation for doing so: FLAC). About four months ago I picked up an H10, and like it very much. It's just a very nice little unit, and the sound quality is very good. Now that I have the H140, I am considering selling the H10...
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    PX-100: Are these the old, or the new?

    Just got a second set from Amazon. Since I bought the first, I have been reading some comments about old vs new PX-100s. How can I tell whether or not the set I just got from Amazon is the new version? What are the indicators? The box looks like the same one my first set came in.
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    H140 Issue: Little blip between songs

    New H140, latest firmware, playing EAC-ripped MP3s (per Ubernet standards). Between each song is heard quick "zip" or "chirp" of static or something. Odd. It is not loud, but it is . . . odd. I might make a recording of it later and try to link to it. Any ideas? I don't have a clue what's...
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    Hiss, Hiss Everywhere

    This is my first post. Thanks to all for the library of information that I have already read regarding IEMs and portable audio. Does anybody have any suggestions to offer regarding how to reduce or eliminate HISS from my listening experience? I just purchased Westone UM2s for the purpose...