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  1. kstuart

    Should a Headphone Trade have two separate Feedback Reports ?

    In the Feedback system, there is only room for one Classified Item, so I chose my item.   The other person left feedback and also chose my Item.   So, can (and should) we now do another one with his Classified Item ?  Is a Trade equivalent to Two Sales ?   Thanks.
  2. kstuart

    Non-sponsor deals, sales, coupons, etc ??

    I looked through all the sub-Forum titles and can't find any particular place for this, so is there a specified place to post deals, sales, coupons and so forth (that are not from Site Sponsors) ?
  3. kstuart

    NOS vs Used (tested) Tubes

    Over and over again, people refer to modern production tubes (like JJ's) vs NOS (New Old Stock, i.e. never used vintage) vacuum tubes.  In both cases, these are never used tubes.   However, I see a lot of used vintage tubes from reputable Ebay dealers (lots of very positive feedback over a...
  4. kstuart

    Headphone Tube Amps under $300

    Whereas you can generally find lists of all popular full-size closed headphones (for example), either from just doing a search at stores like Headroom, or else lists at reviews sites. in contrast tube headphone amps seem to come from a variety of sources, and seem to be inconsistently reviewed...
  5. kstuart

    Need Help replacing pads on Sennheiser HD-518 same as 555 / 595 / 558 / 598

    I removed the ear pads for my brand new Sennheiser HD-518 since they are user removable and replaceable.   I have previously done the same for my HD-590's, and they clicked back in, no problem.   This time, I cannot get them to click back in.   Does anyone know how to describe doing...