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  1. swistak

    Most Grado-ish IEMS

    hi! I am in the market for new IEMs and been wondering which ones would be most gradoish in sound. I'm looking for something like grado-ish yet airy and somewhat balanced, that is what I found MS2i and SR80 to be, so I guess no E500. Currently I have 5 and they have this "w" shaped...
  2. swistak

    HowTo: Build an Ultra-Slim LOD Cable

    where can you get one of those slim connectors? I've checked qables, but they do not seem to have them, ebay?
  3. swistak

    will the ipod charger work with zune???

    no. my apple usb ipod charger didnt work with some samsung mp3 pendrive player with slid out usb connector :/ you should check before buying
  4. swistak

    Which ultra-portable amp?

    Well, I have about $120 to spend and I would like to get something that would help get the most out of my SR80 and (probably) soon MS1's currently im debating between Micro D / Ibasso T1 / C&C box V2 it is going to be merely for portable/laptop use with macbook pro and ipod video 5gen...
  5. swistak

    The Very Smallest Amps

    how about C&C box V2? is it any good?
  6. swistak

    Your top 3 best ever looking headphones.

    old beyers dt880 (2003 ones, with flat mesh) any alessandros
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