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  1. Ravel

    Comment by 'Ravel' on listing 'HD650 and HD660s For Sale'

    Still one pair of HD650 left. PM me if you want to see more photos.
  2. HD650 and HD660s For Sale

    Hi, I am selling my two pairs of HD650 and one pair of HD660s. All purchased about three years ago as the first owner and they are sitting in my draw since then. Thought about keeping them as part of a collection so never really listened much with them. All in excellent/like new conditions...
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  4. Ravel

    Worth getting the Denon D7100 if I own the D600?

    The key is amp. D7100 needs a good amp. It is a perfect headphone at the same level as HD800 and T1. Of course if portable is your objective, D600 is good enough. 
  5. Ravel

    Looking for Upgrade from HD650

    I think the original cable for T1 is good enough. Changing headphone cables are wasting time based on my experience.  For HD650, I tried many cables for it to pursue a better performance. However, it turns out the original one is the best. 
  6. Ravel

    Grado Fan Club!

    I bought a pari of G-Cush for my Sr225i. It does not work. Sound stage is empty and bass is too light. 
  7. Ravel

    How many pairs of Headphones did you purchase before you found "The one"?

    Still working on it, too. I think there is no "the one" at all. May be "The One" is HD1000? T2? LCD5?
  8. Ravel

    Denon D600 at $270 USD a good deal?

    A excellent headphone at its best price. GMP435 is also a good choice. 
  9. Ravel

    the best mid-end in-ear headphones for the mids to highs (focuses on the vocalist's voice and musical instruments)

    Cx985 is not a good choice at all. IE80 or IE800 are the gears you should buy is you like Sennheiser.    In term of vocal, Se535, GR10 and RE600 are the tops. 
  10. Ravel

    Looking for Upgrade from HD650

    I believe T1 is similar to HD650. LCD2 is not a good choice if you really like HD650.    FYI, I think 6 month is not long enough to appreciate the beauty of HD650. 
  11. Ravel

    Worth getting the Denon D7100 if I own the D600?

    D7100 is much better than D600. You don't need to hesitate.  Similarity is not a problem as long as you like the style. 
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