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  1. Yh173088

    How to connect laptop to powered monitors

    Hi I got a pair of jbl 305p mkii on the way and i want to connect them to my laptop . Was told to get 3.5mm to 1/4 inch rca X 2 but I could not find them . Instead I got 3.5mm to rca x2 and 1/4 inch rca adapters . Would they work? Sorry if this sounds noob but I am very new to this hobby .
  2. Yh173088


    so I recently got a pair of audio Technica ath-LS50is iems , and the nozzle is only covered with a thin piece of cloth that can be removed . Most iems have a fixed metal mesh filter . I was wondering if the cloth filter is there just to prevent dirt from falling in ?
  3. Yh173088

    Balanced HD 600 cables

    looking for balanced HD 600 2.5mm cable . Anyone knows where I can get them in Singapore ? I can always ship them from overseas but they take a while and shipping cost is not cheap . So hope someone has a recommendation for me . Thank you