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  1. sa1nt

    Technical question considering armature drivers

    Hi! So the question is: How do armature drivers work? I do understand the overall operating priciple of dynamic and electrostatic drivers, but I can not find any information on the internet considering the armatures. Tried searching Google, tried Wikipedia too. Found nothing...
  2. sa1nt

    A question considering IEMs.

    Hi! Yes, I know that such question is asked VERY frequently, but still.. Recently I broke my beloved Audio-Technica ATH-CK7. That was a great loss for me, and for now I'm listening to some crappy (well, not THAT crappy actually) iAudio stock earbuds. And now I need something, that would...
  3. sa1nt

    A question considering photography

    Hello, everybody! I have a question that's not actually related to headphones and stuff, but I don't know any places like head-fi about photography. And I decided to ask it here. So, does anyone know any decent internet source about the basics of photography? The composition of the frame and...