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  1. lostbobby

    funny auction on ebay: HP1's

    this is the same old tired scam post after somebody's ebay's account compromised: Please read carefully!!! First Step: Before you bid contact me first at: .....] as I will cancel the BID!!! Second Step : PLEASE CONTACT ME DIRECTLY AT : [......... INSTEAD OF USING "ASK THE SELLER...
  2. lostbobby

    Oliver Sacks and his Grado's

    Pretty good endorsement by the world's mostfamous neurologist. which model?
  3. lostbobby

    PS-1 on ebay: pretty fishy

    I just noticed not only this 24-hour auction (using pictures from auction # 260120063369), but the seller is running dozens of 24-hour auctions on McIntosh tube amps, B&W speakers, etc all ending at the same time. 125 auctions in all!
  4. lostbobby

    mesh covering Grado driver

    Well, i just had to look at the SR200 drivers, they look just like dieinaFire's 4sale pix:, 'cept they were pretty dirty. Now, how do i get a nice new pair of mesh cloth things to glue on? (searched, lotsa threads about the metal mesh behind driver, nothing here).
  5. lostbobby

    Ety microphonics

    so i put both shirt clips on my ER-4p (the one that goes on the green plastic molding at the split + the one that goes on the cables above the split) and used a little velcro computer cable holder to make a little slider above the split (like all other IEMs have (at least the shures, Westone and...
  6. lostbobby

    open can over IEM

    I read threads about flipping Grado drivers, taping AKG vents, etc. Here's another no-cost science experiment: K501s over loosely inserted Super-fi 5pros (and the UE attenuator). YOu get a schizoid sound stage, you can tell you're listening to 2 different drivers. difficult to get the 5pros...
  7. lostbobby

    ear wax camera

    Should probably get one if you're pre-ordering E500's, or at least a mimikaki the ear wax camera