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  1. penguindude

    Used Headphones Price Watch

    So i constructed a list of average used headphones prices. This should be useful for those just entering the used gear market. Let me know if i have anything wrong on the list.   Prices do not include shipping. Prices in US Dollar and are based on excellent condition of the equipment.  ...
  2. penguindude

    The New 5 Earphones Reviewed!

    Head over to my site to check it out. Here's the individual link: Exclusive: UE 5 Review Let me know what you guys think!
  3. penguindude

    4-pin XLR configuration HELP!!!

    I'm currently trying to figure out the pin number arrangement on a 4 pin Neutrik XLR plug. The layout is labelled 1 to 4 in a clockwise position. Which pin should be the left (+ and ground) and which should be right (+ and ground)? Thanks a lot!!
  4. penguindude

    RCA XLR quality with adapter

    Just wondering if the quality will be lowered if two RCA to XLR adapters are used on a balanced headphone cable instead of a pair of direct XLR balanced cables. Quality of cables are the same.
  5. penguindude

    Sennheiser HD580 vs HD595 vs HD600 vs HD650 Reviewed/Compared

    Hey guys, just finished writing up a review/comparison among the four headphones on my website. I don't wanna paste the whole thing here, but i invite u all to take a look and see what you guys think. Sennheiser Idol: HD580 vs HD595 vs HD600 vs HD650 Reviewed and Compared
  6. penguindude

    Little Dot MK III: An Exclusive Review (56k warning!)

    Finally, I’ve had a chance to get my hands on the highly anticipated LD Mark III tube amplifier. Designed by the same creator that made the Little Dot II budget tube amp series (Mr. Yang), the MK series was surely set out to impress. I’ve endorsed Little Dot products since the day I had a chance...
  7. penguindude

    Ultralink Cables <--help!

    Anyone has any experience with Ultralink's Challenger series RCA interconnects? Are they worth the money?
  8. penguindude

    To those hating the Vibes

    Have you tried amping these babies? Last night I had nothing to do and took out the recently-bashed V-moda vibes and plugged them in to my Headfive. Man, was i shocked at the improved sound quality. Highs and upper mids were drastically improved. While retaining the overall signature a bit...
  9. penguindude

    Does your postman KNOW you by now?

    For the past year of shipping and receiving packages of headphones/amps/cables/dacs/other stuff, the people in the post office literally know me. Anytime i go to the post office and ask if they have any packages for me, they would know what to bring out, without even getting my IDs. The post...
  10. penguindude

    Enlighten Me: SR60 or MS1?

    Besides the obvious similarity of their looks, how do the two compare to each other? I've heard the SR60 and think it's good, but a bit less-detailed. However, i havent heard the MS1 yet. So, please enlighten me!
  11. penguindude

    Beresford TC-7510 MKIII: Anyone tried it?

    Has anyone tried this product from England? How does it compare to the Zhaolu or the EMU0404 USB?
  12. penguindude

    Beresford TC-7510 MKIII: Anyone tried it?

    Has anyone tried this product from England? How does it compare to the Zhaolu or the EMU0404 USB?
  13. penguindude

    V-MODA Vibes: OMG !!!

    The vibes came today in the mail. Out-of-the-box impression is unbelievable! Did i buy a HD595 replacement for $100?! I am extremely impressed with the sound. Being my first pair of decent IEM, i must say it really wow'ed my socks off. Following is a short review of the phones...
  14. penguindude

    Tube Buzz on Left Channel

    I've had LD2++ for almost a month now. Yesterday, I was experiencing constant buzzing noise on the left channel. I tried switching various tubes and the buzz still persisted. It goes on and off and usually lasts about 5 seconds, then off for a few minutes, then it comes back. It's driving me...
  15. penguindude

    Best earbuds under $20?

    Not sure if there's thread like this yet, but yea, HIT ME.
  16. penguindude

    LD2++ DOA (Dead on Arrival)

    I received mine today, opened it, plugged the tubes in, ready to listen and do a review, then BAM, i could not hear any sound. Actually, i could, but it was so tiny that i can barely detect it. I do not know what's wrong it, im guessing the volume knob on the amp is dead cause the level of...
  17. penguindude

    GREAT IDEA: Head-Fi Approved

    Hey guys (especially the people in charge of, Out of nowhere, i just thought of a really cool and money making idea for Head-fi. And this is to put "Head-fi Approved" logos onto audio equipments deemed worthy. Just like how they do it with "THX," but better! This will...
  18. penguindude

    TO ALL LD2+ OWNERS (Survey)

    This is to all LD2+ owners: I want to do a survey about the number of LD2+ owners who are experiencing or have experienced problems with their products. Since Sword_Yang stated that only a small percentage of their customers have reported to have problems, I want to prove/disprove the theory...
  19. penguindude

    Help on Modding LD2+ and adding LEDs

    Anyone has any clue to how the LEDs are attached or where they are located in the original Little Dot 2? I wanna make my LD2+ glow orange!
  20. penguindude

    HELP! Little Dot 2+ and HUGE hiss!

    Hey guys, Just got my LD2+ today. Plugged it into my laptop + Audigy2 zs soundcard and HUGE hiss from electrostatic interference, and yes, even when i try to use my mouse the hiss goes crazy. Any suggestion for reducing the stupid emi? PS. The hiss reduces when i turn off my lappy's monitor...
  21. penguindude

    HEELLP! I NEED AN AMP cheap!

    Hey guys, I recently got the HD595 and coupled it with my PA2V2. The result was rather disappointing. So for around $100, what headphone amp do you suggest? I need something that can improve the bass of the HD595 and gives it more soundstage. THANX!
  22. penguindude

    Phones with velour padding

    Anyone know any headphones similar to the ATH-A500 but with velour padding? Thanks!
  23. penguindude

    Sennheiser MX51

    Anyone tried those before? The new line of Senn's earbuds, what do u guys think? Thanks.
  24. penguindude

    KOSS Sportclip 7

    Anyone know anything about these clip-ons? Are they anything similar to the ksc75? Koss are currently advertising these phones on their site.
  25. penguindude

    The Unamped Myth: A500 and PA2V2

    So yea, I don’t wanna offend anyone, but i really feel the need to point this out. Recently I’ve been doing the same thing, making comments and advice to people about which headphones need or don’t need amps. I was wrong. I recently purchased the ATH-A500 from Audiocubes (I must say, their...