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  1. danielghofrani

    I need a desktop amplifier for my HE-500

    hey guys, first post after many years. I have a pair of Hifiman HE-500s that I powered through the original Schiit Lyr and Schiit Bifrost DAC. from very early on I was quite disappointed with the amplifier due to its high noise floor, static noise and an annoying high frequency buzz that came...
  2. danielghofrani

    need help for new mp3 player

    Hey guys,  I have been happy with my audio gear and have not come here in a long time. As a result, I am no longer in the know about which portable audio players are good.  last week my trusy sansa clip + died after 3 years and now I am looking for another audio player but I don't know which...
  3. danielghofrani

    DAC+AMP for HE-500

    Good day folks, I hope you are doing well.  I need advice as to which DAC and Amp I should use to get the bets out of HE-500 headphones. please don't feel you have to spend all of my cash! but the budget is around $800.  my source is a computer with a poor sound card. I have the SE535 IEMS...
  4. danielghofrani

    what is better than Shure SE315 for classical music?

    Hi there folks, I am here to seek advice regarding my options for IEMs. currently I am using Shure SE315 IEMs with my Sansa clip+ playing flac files. I am rather dissapointed with the detail and transparency these IEMs have to offer. which IEM should I go for next?(budget ~500$)  Thanks
  5. danielghofrani

    amp for Shure SE315 IEMs

    Hi there, I need adivce from you guys. I have a sansa clip and Shure SE315 IEM's I was wondering wether I should invest my money towards a portable amp or towards better earphones (my eyes are on Shure SE535) Thank you
  6. danielghofrani

    Musical Instrument-Fi!!

    Hey Guys, I thought since there are a lot of Audiophiles here maybe there are quite a few instrumentalists as well.  there are pictures from my Santur gear. feel free to post your musical instruments.  This is My main Santur. I built the Table myself to my own height. I built a little...
  7. danielghofrani

    why did AKG 501s get discontinued?

    Hi people. I hope you are all doing well.  from what I heard on Headfi AKG 501 headphones are worthy headphones if you can supply them with enough amplification and they are specially prominent when it comes to playing classical music. that makes me wonder why they stopped making them.  was...
  8. danielghofrani

    Is a computer a good source?!

    Hey guys, I was watching a video on youtube about USB dacs and computer as a source of music and I came across this:   basically this gentleman says that computers are meant to do computation and they...
  9. danielghofrani

    why do these setups sound so mediocre?

    Hey guys. I was wondering if there are any of you out there who can help me with this. I dont own any fancy headphones or audio equipment yet but I am doing some research and auditioning to figure out what I like. I currently listen with my laptop (dell vostro 3700) and sony MDRJ10L...
  10. danielghofrani

    NuForce uDAC2-HP vs portable big boys

    Hi there, I am learning about audio equipment and I have been wondering if portable vs desktop price/performance is the same deal for audio rig as it is for personal computers.   it goes without saying that a 1000$ custom built desktop computer can compete with +2000$ laptop computers in...
  11. danielghofrani

    what sound options do I have with my laptop?

    Hey Guys (and girls), I was wondering if there is any way i can get a superior sound from my laptop. I have a Dell Vostro 3700 and I have USB, FireWire 1394 connection, HDMI and eSATA. I know that there are external DACs that I can use but I have bad feeling about USB. first of all,  USB...
  12. danielghofrani

    What difference does Impedance make?!

    Hi there everybody I am really curious to know the role Impedance plays in the sound of IEMs and earphones. I understand that higher Impedance headphones need higher voltages to operate, and they probably need an amplifier to supply them with enough power. But does Impedance of a headphone...
  13. danielghofrani

    What are the components of a sound system?

    I am a beginner and I dont really know much about DACs, preams, headphone amps, sources, and all of that jazz I am very confused and I would highly appreciate it if you could give me beginner instructions on what these things are and what they do.   by the way I am not recording anything I...
  14. danielghofrani

    Are laptops any good for sound quality?

    Hi. I have a Dell Vostro 3700 Laptop. I am not too sure about its audio quality but it is an overally decent laptop (core i7 CPU, 6 gigs of DDR3 RAM, 1 GB of dedicated Graphics,...) I have no clue about the audio quality, so I dont know if I should invest in some better quality headphones...
  15. danielghofrani

    Best sound quality for under 500$

    Hi, I am not an expert in mp3 players, but from reading what audiophiles say, apparently ipods (which are the norm here in Canada) are not that good for audio quality. well, to me audio quality is the important thing, I dont care about apps, video display, games, podcasts, camera...