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  1. studeb

    Tube tester in San Diego?

    Hi, i have soem 36KD6 tubes i need to test, and my knight tester is not new enough to list them. Can someone in San Diego help me out? thanks
  2. studeb

    Tueb tester in San Diego?

    Hi, i have some 36KD6 tubes i need to test. i have a knoght tester, but these tubes are too new to be listed. Can any one in San Diego help me out? thanks
  3. studeb

    recabling akg suggestions

    Hi, i am going to recable my headphones. one is the original series K240 the other is k501. Apart from starquad does anyone have any suggestions for cable? If you used/suggest homebrew cable, please let me know where you sourced the cable. thanks
  4. studeb

    Modding headphone amp in a Philips CD721

    i have a philips CD721 player in my office with built in headphone amp. The amp is a NRJ4556, runs on +/- 12V, gain is 2.5 Would any of the following be likely improve the sound (which isn't bad but....) Adding some caps to the +/- rails, i was thinking several k uF bypassed with polyprop or...
  5. studeb

    I2S cabling

    I want to run an I2S cable from my CD player to my DAC. Is there a preferred/recommended cable for this. One end will go straight on the chip (SAA7210) the other will be terminated in a 5pin mini DIN plug. ta
  6. studeb

    Do older Headroom amps stll cut it?

    i have seen several early Headroom amps for sale lately, they seem to be going for a little more than an Altoid amp. Does anyone here have one, and can you tell me/us where they stand sonically? By early these seem to be from the early mid 90's and are usually "standard", so Max, Cosmic...
  7. studeb

    Help with Sony DAT D8

    Hi, and now for something slightly different. i picked up a Sony DAT D8 this weekend, and have a problem getting sound out of the unit. The unit seems to record and playback fine, as the VU meters indicate something is going on in there, but no sound out of the headphone jack, with the output...
  8. studeb

    Need new earbuds, please help the old.

    Hi, my 10 year old sony earbuds just died. Any recommended replacements that meet the following critereia: 1) Under $50 2) Well balanced sound, i am not a bass head, and listen to almost everything at work. 3) i would prefer not to have full noise blockage i.e. Ety style. i prefer to be...