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  1. grasshpr

    Stores in NYC sell HD600 cables?

    Hey guys, anyone know if stores in NYC sell HD600 cables for pickup?
  2. grasshpr

    Bad low end tracking on RK27

    Hi guys, Just wanted to know if its normal for the alps rk27 to be bad at left/right tracking near the low volume end.
  3. grasshpr

    Good place to buy resistors

    Hi all, Just wanted to share some info with fellow DIYiers. I found a nice place to buy precision metal film resistors in bulk (100 resistors per pack for a buck)! They don't have any Vishay Dale resistors that alot of people use (and actually they don't let even tell you the manufacturer)...
  4. grasshpr

    Audio Pots with tolerance

    Hi everyone, Was wondering if anyone knows where to get an inexpensive audio pot that has 5-10% tolerance or better? Looking to spend less than 5 dollars a pot. Any info is greatly appreciated. grasshpr
  5. grasshpr

    Dedicated line in Audigy 2ZS noise filter

    Hi everyone, I wanted to ask if their was a program available that can read in the line in from the audigy 2ZS, do some noise filtering, and spit the result back to the line in channels. I know that the EAX console has an option for line in clean up, however, once you close the window...
  6. grasshpr

    Linux on IPOD

    Just for those with IPODs and would like to try something new with them. ipodlinux You can dump linux onto the IPOD with a bunch of nice apps (more games, music functionality, voice recording, etc.). I'm planning to join there development soon. grasshpr
  7. grasshpr

    Dynalo Thermal Bonding

    Hi Everyone, Question for those who have put together their dynalo's. I recently purchased a set of TO-92 heatsinks made by Aavid Thermalloy (digikey part# HS251-ND) for 2SA1015 and 2SC1815 transistors. I bought them in hopes to reduce transistor temperatures in my Hammond enclosure for my...
  8. grasshpr

    Input voltage to ASL MG Head DT OTL MarkIII

    This question is for those ASL MG Head DT OTL Mark III owners. What's the input voltage range that this amp can take (considering that their is a maximum). I'm worried that I might burn out the fuse in the amp if the input voltage is larger than a given threshold.
  9. grasshpr

    Cost of DAC's

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to know, whats the nominal price for a DAC as of now? Also, what are the best DAC's in the low price-end and how do they compare with DAC's that are moderately priced? I'm thinking of getting one and would like to hear your opinions. Any info is greatly...
  10. grasshpr

    Portable sound shaper

    Just wondering, does anybody know of any portable device that connects between a pair of cans to a sound device that can shape the sound coming into the headphones (in the frequency domain). Pretty much like a portable equalizer.