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    My second amp build. I wanted a balanced amp for my balanced source/phones. It uses 4 AMB Alpha 20 buffer/amp boards and a Twisted Pear LCBPS. The vertical build was intended to serve double-duty as a headphone stand, which worked very well. Unfortunately, the copper proved so reactive to the oi
  2. Zaubertuba

    Wood Media PC Case

    I wanted a nice-looking component-sized case for my Media PC source, and everything out there seemed, well, huge. And metal. So I built my own: Even with a Micro-ATX motherboard, it still was a challenge to make things compact. Not a lot of wasted space here: SSD (visible in the...
  3. Zaubertuba

    DIY Cable Gallery!!

    Balanced cable for my HD-580 with braided leather sheath and leather "Y"-splits. My first outing braiding--took me a week of evenings, lol! Mogami quad and Amphenol plugs.
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    DIY Cables

  6. Zaubertuba

    HD595 Sound-stage mod. Is it recommendable?

    Are you talking about removing the foam rubber strips from the insides of the grilles of the 555's to basically turn them into 595's?
  7. Zaubertuba

    Good cable for DIY balanced HP cables?

    That's a pretty build, Karl!   Thinking about taking tension...I built a headphone cable out of Mogami 3106.  It has a core reinforcement and according to Mogami is electrically similar to the 2549.  It's a stereo cable so was really easy to build into a headphone cable.  It also had a rubber...
  8. Zaubertuba

    "I'm not dead yet!" ...A Balanced LTP/Jisbos Tube Hybrid

      You're right, they're not really necessary.  I poured over the article and realized this really isn't so much a starved plate.  
  9. Zaubertuba

    "I'm not dead yet!" ...A Balanced LTP/Jisbos Tube Hybrid

    SOHA-flavored power supply...I'm happy to say, no "magic smoke" on the first test  :     Rectifiers/doubler on the right, B+ in back, +/- low-voltage supply (it's actually trim-able up to +/-15V) in the middle, and -12.6v heater supply on the left.  With a 30VCT transformer B+ is around...
  10. Zaubertuba

    "I'm not dead yet!" ...A Balanced LTP/Jisbos Tube Hybrid

    Long time no see!  One of these days I'll have enough free time at a stretch to finish a project before I second-guess myself. I was starting to think re-hashing this all with a known topology, like a Balanced SOHA, would probably end up sounding better.  Then I figured....why not use the...
  11. Zaubertuba

    "I'm not dead yet!" ...A Balanced LTP/Jisbos Tube Hybrid

    Test fitting the chassis...             Why yes, Virginia, I'm using a motherboard mounting tray for the bottom.        Hmm...what'dya think this is?  
  12. Zaubertuba

    "I'm not dead yet!" ...A Balanced LTP/Jisbos Tube Hybrid

    How to not screw up your nice oak faceplate (click on the pics for the larger versions):     I happened to have a template bushing for my Dremel tool plunge router attachment.  I'll be using a fresh multi-purpose spiral bit on the highest speed setting.   The offset for the guide is...
  13. Zaubertuba

    "I'm not dead yet!" ...A Balanced LTP/Jisbos Tube Hybrid

    You're right--I was trying to fully utilize my stereo pots but the legitimate shunt would probably work better anyway.  Fixed.   I also redid the CCS.     I was just thinking, perhaps I could add some local NFB to tame the gain a bit?
  14. Zaubertuba

    Want to make my own audio cables

    Cat5e is actually pretty good quality stuff--check out what Chris VenHaus has done with it:   I use it all the time for projects for my low-voltage stuff.  It's cheap to find and easy to work with.  Maybe some litz-braided interconnects would be...
  15. Zaubertuba

    "I'm not dead yet!" ...A Balanced LTP/Jisbos Tube Hybrid

    ...and I'm sure the electronics bench tube-lesson will continue. Meanwhile, in the garage, I've made some advancements in the case-work...     Lubrication and a bi-metal hole saw works surprisingly well when you can't afford a $45 step-bit:         Drilled and marked-up sheet ready for...
  16. Zaubertuba

    "I'm not dead yet!" ...A Balanced LTP/Jisbos Tube Hybrid

    I *really* appreciate the feedback. Learning a lot here.      Thanks, I'll start there, then.     Allright that's an easy fix.     Ah, I gotcha. *lightbulb goes on* ...actually kinda embarassed I didn't see that.   So I'm running into a quagmire:  I did a couple of load lines for...
  17. Zaubertuba

    Tube guy question: Long-tailed pair for gain stage in balanced hybrid amp?

    Have any of you tube guys toyed around with a long-tailed pair as a headphone amp gain stage?  It seems like an elegant way to get a differential input/output amp.   I have a quartet of JISBOS buffers I'm thinking of using as the output stage, and a bunch of preamp tubes (12au/x/t7's) sitting...
  18. Zaubertuba

    "Forced" upgrade - Over-the-Counter SE or DIY Balanced?

    Well, my curiosity got the best of me and I succumbed to an impulse buy---Emotiva's has a sale going on their XDA-2 for $250 so I snapped one up.   Didn't even consider this one before since it was out of my price range.   Figure if the headphone amp really does turn out to be weak (and I'll...
  19. Zaubertuba

    1212m finally driver-dead...Xonar STX or is there a newer option?

    Hi Guys!  Life had been busy so I'm trying to get back up to speed after a long hiatus.     I've shepherded my E-Mu 1212m along for quite some time.  Now that my Windows 7 install is bitrotting away and the drivers on the E-Mu just died (actually I think I broke them  ,) I'm not relishing the...
  20. Zaubertuba

    Conductive Plastic -vs-Cermet Potentiometers

    Quote: That's the difficult part, isn't it?  Catch is, for a "hi-fi" or audiophile preamp, the minimalist approach seems to be the most effective.  For an instrument preamp, there's the real-world hurdles of bad room acoustics, group blend and balance, reinforcement dynamic, and of course...
  21. Zaubertuba

    Very Easy Toner Transfer

    Quote: That's awesome!  I love the border.    Quote: I was thinking of these guys, myself--I'd order one of their "sample packs" too, to play around with before I messed up a $20-$50 piece of plate.  
  22. Zaubertuba

    Very Easy Toner Transfer

    Quote:   This makes me curious...   If you had a copper faceplate, would this be useful for doing your own "iron-on" faceplate label?  Perhaps adding a clearcoat finish to protect it?  If it worked that way, perhaps an easy way to do a very high-tolerance template for your...
  23. Zaubertuba

    A Stereo Instrument Preamp/Headphone Amp (formerly "a JISBOS-with-gain Headamp")

      Quote: Done--and I even got a nibble already!     I have a question about the JISBOS - I know it wasn't originally designed for this, but how would it handle being overdriven (obviously thinking about a way to implement guitar distortion)?
  24. Zaubertuba

    Conductive Plastic -vs-Cermet Potentiometers

    The last stage of my preamp/headphone amp project will be controlled with a pair of nice P&G Faders I found on eBay.   The input stage (it will actually pull double duty as a hifi instrument preamp) may require up to *7* pots per channel (a 4-band parametric plus an opto compressor/limiter...
  25. Zaubertuba

    A Stereo Instrument Preamp/Headphone Amp (formerly "a JISBOS-with-gain Headamp")

      O.K., this went in a completely different direction then I thought it would...just got done reworking my concept into much more of a dual-channel instrument mixer/preamp with great headphone out capability.     The (re-worked) block diagram (larger version):       Changes to...