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  1. robert1325

    Sansa Clip review anyone? Good SQ , small etc. Looking good
  2. robert1325

    Digging my fathers old Akg k500's !!

    My dad has had some k500's for years without really using them, I brought them to my room but never really enjoyed them like my speaker setup, thin and bass light. Since getting my monica 2 usb dac these cans have become extremely listenable , bass was always light but there's about enough...
  3. robert1325

    Upgrade to samsung DAP worth it?

    Hi, I've got some birthday money , and was wondering if it's worth upgrading to a samsung dap (t9 or z5 ) ... SQ being my main reason ( ok battery and capacity too) ... My current DAP's are the Creative Zen v+ / Rio carbon and Ipod 1st gen shuffle... the carbon is the best, but is falling...
  4. robert1325

    Creative Zen V+ SQ a little underrated?

    Hi, I've seen some very negative posts about ZEN v+ and it's SQ... I compared my ipod shuffle 1st gen to the zen v+ and did not really think one was better than the other. I used my px100's and my JBL ref 220's... Playing some M-ward acoustic guitar songs and some Royksopp. Ipod...
  5. robert1325

    Don't like IEM's/ should I get cheap closed portable?

    Hi, I've always disliked IEM's ( Mylarthrees, JVC fx55, OVC, JBL ref) , I'm using some JBL's but am considering some cheap closed phones . I'd like something that sounds as good or better as the px100's... I can get the philips Hp460 for a very low price (30 dlrs incl. shipping), is it...
  6. robert1325

    Want to get into jazz music ?

    I discovered a station called " Storyville (standard jazz) " on shoutcast and am really enjoying it so far. Mostly well known classics, great if you want to get into jazz . SQ is nice. Hope you enjoy it, felt like sharing this.
  7. robert1325

    Smashing pumpkins : Siamese dream !!! WOWOWOWOW

    Post title says it all!
  8. robert1325

    Any Swing/Lounge Fans ?

    Hi, I love this genre.... After seeing the movie "Swingers" I got the soundtrack and since then I've been listening to a lot of this . The Ultra-Lounge series are really good. Robert
  9. robert1325

    Cheap Headphones and DAP = (music)Audiobliss?

    Hi, I'm addicted to the sound of my px100's ... they are so musical and fun . Having problems forgetting that sound while listening to my speaker rig ! Can't listen to the music , but can listen to the gear I've spent a lot of money ( for me a lot) on that speaker rig, with selling and...
  10. robert1325

    help! my dad has a problem :( :(

    Hi, My dad is seriously considering a Paradisea USB DAC for his speaker rig ( B&W 801 s2 --- Audion 300B PP amps ) But while using is M-audio Audiophile and Foobar (kernel streaming) he is having issues with his music slowing down while doing something else , like browsing the...
  11. robert1325

    good sound emerges from my Audigy 2 -px100's / WOW

    So I started thinking, that 35 foot long extension cable I am using to connect my px100's to my computer wich is only 3 foot away under my desk could degrade the sound a bit. Also , Why am I not using the Kxdrivers and is the windows mixer still enabled? And Why is this long cable...
  12. robert1325

    New IEMs arrived : OVC t25

    Hi, Today my OVC t25 phones arrived, they look familiar Build quality seems good and my first impressions on the SQ are very positive... They sound much better than my JVC fx 55 IEM's ( are these slightly better than the Marshmallows?) Very fast A/B test vs. my old model px100's show...
  13. robert1325

    my new G&W tw-2006x integrated amplifier!

    Hi, I recently got my new integrated amp from ornec ( in china) ... So far it's amazing, it cost me less then my cambridge 640A amp but it's a night and day difference between the two! I drive my B&W dm603s3's with it, and my source is a bolder modified squeezebox. With the cambridge I had...
  14. robert1325

    Squeezebox , some many different options!

    Hello, I'm a 17 year old student from holland and I'm interested in getting a squeezebox to replace my cambridge audio 640C cdplayer. My question is , what will give me the best sound ? I read you can get it modded at bolder cable company A squeezebox with analog mods ( the basic or maybe...
  15. robert1325

    Creative zen micro refurb?

    So I read about the headphone jack problem, would it be a big risk to buy a creative zen micro refurb? They might have already fixed the headphone jack problem, to prevent any future hassle. Thanks in advance for the replies!