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  1. NeonHD

    Review by 'NeonHD' on item 'DQSM Hermit'

    When you hear the name "DQSM" it probably sounds like some random chi-fi brand that you probably couldn't care less about. That was my initial reaction when hearing about the DQSM Hermit, but I decided to take the bullet anyway and try it out for myself. The good news is that the hermit...
  2. DQSM Hermit

    DQSM Hermit

    1.Product Name:DQSM Hermit Metal HIFI In-ear Earbud 2.Brand:DQSM 3.Model:Hermit 4. Type: Earbud 5.Impedance:16Ω 6.Eerphone sensitivity: 112dB/mW 7.Frequency range: 15-24000Hz 8.THD: 0.3%@1KHz 9.Plug interface: 3.5mm 10.Cable Length: 1.2m±5cm 11.Cable Material :with 32*4 Litz...
  3. NeonHD

    Review by 'NeonHD' on item 'TRN M10'

    TRN M10 Review Good, but not really. INTRODUCTION TRN is no foreigner in the budget IEM game, but is its new $13 M10 a gem or just another average budget IEM? Well, the title basically says it all, but let me explain everything. UNBOXING ▲ Comes in the typical TRN box, nothing fancy but...
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    Reply to review by 'NeonHD' on item 'EarSonics Blade'

    Reading this review makes me feel like a poor peasant, lol.
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    Reply to review by 'NeonHD' on item 'TRI I3'

    Awesome review! Would love to see how they fare against the Shuoer Tape.
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    Reply to review by 'NeonHD' on item 'SHUOER TAPE'

    I somewhat agree to the "thin mids" part. While the Tape has incredibly refined and detailed mids with a nice natural tonality to it, I feel like it could use some more quantity. It's like taking a bite out of a delicious heavenly-tasting burger, but the burger is only the size of a Whopper Jr...
  7. NeonHD

    Reply to review by 'NeonHD' on item 'LZ A6'

    Appreciate your comparison to the Tape!
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    Reply to review by 'NeonHD' on item 'Moondrop Crescent'

    Yeah I've read that article a lot of times, but I still refuse to believe this, because the general consensus (i.e. most people on head-fi) is that the MH1C is a bassy IEM. The idea that 90% of MH1C users got a bad QC pair just doesn't stick.
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    Reply to review by 'NeonHD' on item 'Moondrop Crescent'

    I still don't know what you mean by "bad". In my book, all three pairs of my MH1C would be classified as "good". If anything, the non-bassy MH1C that you've heard is probably a manufacturing irregularity, as the intended sound signature of the MH1 is bass-heavy.
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    Reply to review by 'NeonHD' on item 'NiceHCK M6'

    "Music should be healing, especially when its about beauty, so when highs are sharped like trowing knifes I feel betray by the IEM and just can’t stand this anymore" I could not agree more with this statement, so damn true.
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    Review by 'NeonHD' on item 'House of Marley EM-JE030-DR Uplift Drift In-Ear Headphones'

    As much as I want to get talking about the sound, I can't deny that these are built very nicely. The high quality fabric cable along with the wooden housings with the aluminum accents just look amazing. Unfortunately the sound quality just doesn't match the nice build quality. Sound Quality...
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    Reply to review by 'NeonHD' on item 'Seahf Metal Housing In-Ear Earbuds Headphones Noise Cancelling Earphones (Strong Bass Sound, Flat Cable) AWK-I009M1 RED'

    Lol I really enjoyed those pictures of the little Halo figure playing with the earphones, really made me chuckle xD
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    Review by 'NeonHD' on item 'iFrogz Chromatix Earbuds'

    You never know what sort of hidden gem awaits for me at Winners, a Canadian clothing store chain that apparently sells as much earphones as their beauty products. Today I explore the iFrogz Chromatix Earbuds, which quite surprised me among the usual crappy earbuds Winners has to offer. I bought...
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    Review by 'NeonHD' on item 'JVC HA-FR201'

    So I saw these for 15 bucks at Winners and I said why not pick these up as it's from a well-known brand and I've heard many things about them, and so I did....... but after a quick 10 minute listening session on the bus I regretted my decision. Build Quality: As you would expect with an...
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    Reply to review by 'neonhd' on item 'Rock Rau0501 In-Ear Monitors'

    "kinda sick of shrill high-mids in iems"   Oh damn, well that's kind of unfortunate to hear :/   Cause my Sony MH1C's have recessed high-mids and boosted treble (in the 6-8Khz range and 10-12Khz range), and I'm trying to find a pair of IEMs with very identical sound signature to the MH1C. Well I...
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    Reply to review by 'neonhd' on item 'Rock Rau0501 In-Ear Monitors'

    @Mosauwer How do the Zircon's stack up against the Sony MH1C in terms of noise isolation?
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    Reply to review by 'neonhd' on item 'YHC S600 '

    Just bought the KZ ATR, should've reconsidered this if I read this before but can't wait for the ATR nonetheless :)
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    Reply to review by 'neonhd' on item 'KZ ED9 Tunning Nozzles In-Ear Headphones'

    Interesting, I've read many reviews of this IEM and many people get different results in what they sound like (e.g. a guy from XDAdev reviewed this and said that the mids are a bit recessed, opposite with what your review said). Perhaps maybe it is true that everyone perceives sound in different...