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    What open headphones (no IEM and closed headphones) compete with Grados for Rock.

    I need an alternative open headphone.  I like mid bass and forward mids but the upper midrange and lower treble is too much.
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    Please Help with Audeze Upgrade Dilemma! Edited: No More Dilemma, Purrin's TP Mod Did It!

    I currently have the LCD-2 Rev. 1.  I had the Rev. 2 but preferred the Rev.1. I love the lush thick mids and bass of the Rev.1.    While I love the LCD-2 rev. 1, I crave more separation, detail and soundstage. So:   1. Should I, sell the LCD-2 and get the LCD-3 which just improves on the...
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    LCD-2 VS Grado RS1 for Rock

    I know there are many LCD-2 verses...threads... But I would like to hear some comparative comments and opinions on those who have or had both and how they feel about Rock on these two headphones (especially for electric guitars). I know the Grado RS1 are extremely colored in the upper...
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    ATH-W1000X vs AH-D7000 for Pop

    I was about to sell my AH-D7000 for a pair of ATH-W1000X.  I wanted something that was more lively but with bass for rock, pop and hip hop. But in headphonia's review of the ATH-W1000X, it says that they are recommended for jazz and acoustic and not good with rock, pop and hip hop.  ...
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    Which Dac (HRT Music Streamer II + or Audio GD NFB-3) for MAD EAR with Grado RS1

    I like both the sound signature of the HRT Music Streamer and NFB-3.   They are both very musical dacs; both on the warm side, yet lively and detailed.   That is, it's not clinical, thin and bright. But which would make a better match fro the Mad Ear and Grado rs1.   They are both about...
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    ibasso D10 vs HRT Music Streamer II (as portable dedicated dac)

    Which would be better as a stand alone portable Dac?  The amp on the D10 would be an extra plus. I prefer musical and warm but detailed Dacs.    
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    Udac-2 vs HRT Streamer vs Dac Wow or Extasy

    Which is best?
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    Grado RS1 Grattle/Rattle or Torn Diaphragm

    It's really bad.  I just purchased this used from a head fi seller.  It was fine for two weeks.  Than a little grattle.  Now it's not even a slight grattle noise, it's like when the whole speaker cone is torn.  It just rattles like crazy.  What do I do?  Should I open it?  And how do you do...
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    Audio Gd C-2(.1) with Moon OPA vs Audio Gd C-2SA

    Anyone ever compare these two set ups.  Would really like to know. I'm looking for warmth, midrange fullness and musical presentation that does not compromise treble detail and bass impact.   What would match the Akg k702 and Grado RS1i better? I also have the Ah-d7000 but it's less...
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    As an AMP: which has greater power and dynamics: Audio GD Fun or Yulong D100?

    I believe from what I read that the Yulong D100 is a more detailed Dac than Audio GD Fun.  The Dac in Fun is less detailed but more smooth and warm in comparison. But which has a better Amp?  Yulong is Class A but seems to lack the power.  From what I heard, the Audio GD might have great power...
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    Best Dac for $450

    I currently have the nuforce HDP, but won't be using the HDP amp.  Is it the best for the price?  (no chinese brands)
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    Grado RS1i GS-Soundstage MOD or GS/PS MOD to Improve Midrange

    Finally for all those who wanted the soundstage of GS/PS but didn't want to sacrifice the mids of RS (the immediacy, intimacy and attack) and not to mention the money.   Steps: a. Take the Jumbo/G-Cusion and insert it into the ring of the wooden driver housing. b. Than take inner part of...
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    Grado-Biggest Soundstage

    HD800 is known to have the biggest soundstage (apart from Akg k1000 ear speakers) along with others like AKG K701/2. But in some odd way, Grado w/bowls seem to have a larger soundtage. What do I mean? When I listen to Senns or AKGs I feel closed in. While on the Grado with bowls...
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    does ps1000 have that much more detail over grado rs1i

    I briefly heard the ps1000 and had the gs1000 for a while and have the rs1i. I don't care that the ps1000 has more bass and it's obvious that it will have more soundstage due to the larger pads.  But does it have that much more detail. I know because of the jumbo pads, the details in the...
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    What Sounds More Closed/Open: Top Tier Closed Headphone or Top Tier (Custom) IEM

    For example: AH-D7000 vs JH 13pro.  What sounds more closed in or what sounds more open to you?  
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    Grado RS1i +EQ+Jumbo Pads=Grado GS1000/PS1000

    I have had the GS1000 and only briefly auditioned the PS1000 but I wanted to see if I could get the sound out of the RS1i with proper EQ and Jumbo pads.   With Grado RS1i and my vintage receiver: if I turn up the bass and midrange two notches and lower the treble by two notches, I get what...
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    RE0 in Swimming Pool

    I swam with my RE0 in my swimming shorts.  Forgot.  It's sounds ok.  Anyone done this?  Is it going to have problems?  
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    JH13pro vs Head-Direct REO

    I just got a pair of Head-Direct REO for portable use, because I'm planning to modify my JH13pro for the JH-3A DSP/DAC/AMP. I'm just floored by how close these are to the JH13pro.  Yes, the JH13pro have a warmer sound signature, more bass but over all, it comes pretty darn close and only for...
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    Grado Jumbo Pads Brand New

    Grado Jumbo Pads Brand New Asking $38 plus shipping.  Can't beat it.  Will ship worldwide.  
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    "Which headphones best represent each brand's "House Sound"

    Example: Grado RS1 is not Grado's flagship model, but most will say best represents the Grado "house sound". It's in your face, on stage, forward midrange, punchy bass... How about: AKG, Sennheiser, Berydynamics, etc...
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    Best and Worst Synergy with Tube Amps in General

    From your experience: (besides the general rule of high impedance cans working best with tubes). 1. What headphone(s) have you heard the best synergy with tubes and the worst. 2. And headphone brands that best synergizes with tubes. The Best: The headphone that best synergized with tubes...
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    AKG K240M (600 oms)vs AKG K501 vs AKG K240 Sextetts

    Can anyone make comparisons. Especially for the midrange. Want to keep my AKG 240M (600 oms) or invest in AKG K501 or AKG K240 Sextetts Thanks
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    Another AKG K 240 Sextetts Question:What If

    For the 240K to be a sextetts, i heard it has to have both silver ear plate and six passive radiators. What if it's gold ear cup frame & plate (K240 monitor) but still posses the six passive radiators: three white and three black? How do you classify this? and how does the sound differ...