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  1. b00tang

    Unique Melody Remold Impressions Thread

    I had a request for a few more pictures of my reshells.  For colors I requested:   Faceplate color: Black (translucent) Shell Color: Purple (translucent) Tip Color: Purple (translucent) and then in special requests I wrote "Transition from Translucent Black to Translucent Purple"  ...
  2. b00tang

    Unique Melody Remold Impressions Thread

    I'm a noob myself but that sounds pretty loose.  When I first got mine and put them in my ears felt "stuffed".  I definitely don't feel any need to (or benefit from) pushing on them.  I also would be hesitant to put heat shrink on anything going that deep into my ear.   Quote:  
  3. b00tang

    Unique Melody Remold Impressions Thread

    Thanks AnakChan, I was relieved to see your comments about the tight feel and after about an hour they are already starting to feel a little bit better.  I'm really blown away by the sound on these right now.  I did a simple TF10 reshell.  I've been listening to TF10s for a few years now so I...
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    I'm at work so this is how I look when wearing new customs and pretending I'm not taking a picture of myself.
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  6. b00tang

    Unique Melody Remold Impressions Thread

    And just like that I get a shipping notification this morning and then they arrived today.  I'm not sure what to think yet.  They sound fantastic but feel way too tight.  I guess I had better start digging through the forums to find out if that is normal.  If I open my mouth I can feel my ears...
  7. b00tang

    Unique Melody Remold Impressions Thread

    No, definitely haven't heard anything about mine yet.  I shipped from the US though so I bet the timing could be different than going through UMAus
  8. b00tang

    Unique Melody Remold Impressions Thread

    Any word on how backed up they are right now?  I shipped a pair of TF10s their way for a remold back in mid January and imagine that they might be getting to mine soon.  Hard not to be excited.
  9. b00tang

    the Audiologists impressions thread (pun most definitely intended ;) )

    Quote: I went to Dr Glick for my impressions as well.  Great service.  The first time I went she said I had too much wax in my ears (oops) so I scheduled a back to back appointment to see an ENT upstairs to get that cleaned out then had my impressions done.  $20 copay for the ENT cleaning...
  10. b00tang

    Possible material for DIY custom sleeves

    I ordered a radians kit on amazon and am going to give this a shot with an old pair of UE superfi 5s.  I've always wanted pro made custom IEMs but have been nervous that I would spend all the money and then find out I don't like the way customs feel.  Can you say anything about how the fit of...
  11. b00tang

    REVIEW: ACS custom tips + SENNHEISER IE8

    alright ajmiarka I'm anxious to hear how those work out for you. I'm trying to figure out where to get my custom tips from and Listenhear is on the top of my list right now. My big fear is still comfort even though everyone only has good things to say... I want to get the tips for my UE...
  12. b00tang

    Custom Tips - Questions

    Alright, I'm sold on the idea of getting custom tips for my UE 10s, but there are a ton of places to order form and very few reviews out there. The options I've seen from digging back through threads are: ACS- Positive reviews but seems like a pain to order from the UK (I'm in NYC)...
  13. b00tang

    Running Headphones

    My understanding is that the USATF rule WAS put into place because headphones could be used for performance enhancement (pacing). You can see news about the amendment to that rule allowing people not competing for medals and prize money to wear headphones here: USATF - News Careful though...
  14. b00tang

    Recable for UE triple fi.10?

    Head-fi'er Kirby suggested a way to get a vi cable that should have been obvious to me before: ebay. You can hunt for user "mega.toyz" and score one for around $40 bucks. It costs more than deceiving UE but might make you feel better. Even better than that I'm having Germania make me an ass...
  15. b00tang

    How long will Comply Foam tips last?

    man mine completely fall apart when they are dead, here is a picture of what they looked like when I finally switched to new ones (sorry the image is awful because I took it on my iphone, but I think it gets the idea across). First they turn all dark and nasty, then they tear down teh middle...
  16. b00tang

    Vibe Replacement

    I should just comment that I tried going back to my vibes a few times after the upgrade to triple.fis and now I understand why people talk so much trash about vibes. The sound of the vibes was bass heavy, muddy, and not very detailed on the highs. If I were you I would try moving on to a...
  17. b00tang

    "How to" - Best custom tips for IEMs ever. IMHO. with pics

    wow this looks like a great idea, i've been looking for a way to avoid having to shell out so much for complys all the time, i figured they were overpriced
  18. b00tang

    ipod touch - best remote

    personally I looked at the options for remotes and then instead cut the buds off the stock ibuds and soldered on the connectors for my UE 10s. All the remotes looked like they would be too annoying because you end up with a ton of extra cable that you have to deal with. Now that I have the...
  19. b00tang

    Comfortable comfortable comfortable headphones for my sister

    well I think I can definitely pick up the HA-FX66s and the KSC-75s for her and see if she likes either of those. They are cheap enough that it isn't much of a risk. Although I think she might like the idea of the whoomps, like I said: I don't think I could convince her to use complys that need...
  20. b00tang

    Comply tips og shure olives for Triplefi10?

    When I looked at the shure foams at the apple store they looked like they were designed to fit headphones much smaller than the 10s so I got nervous and didn't buy them. I use comply's now but they fall apart so fast on me then I want to experiment with some other options... are these...
  21. b00tang

    5$ earphones vs 100$...

    I bet you would be happy with vibes, they might not be the best thing out there for the price, but they definitely have a bass heavy sound which it sounds like you might appreciate (nothing wrong with liking bass). I was really happy with my vibes when I first upgraded to them from the 20$...
  22. b00tang

    Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10 Thread

    I can't help but wonder if all these varying opinions still just come down to fit. I finally accepted that my comply foams are completely destroyed so I tossed in some standard rubber tips and can't believe how much they brought the sound back. I also better understand what people mean when they...
  23. b00tang

    Recabling for iphone, anyone else interested?

    what the... you are supposed to be looking at the headphones!!! haha I've seen comments in other posts from people who contacted UE and were told the cable would not be sold separately (bastards), but you are right that would be perfect. As for the er6i that would be a good solution for...
  24. b00tang

    Recabling for iphone, anyone else interested?

    Well, the MPA adaptor sounds like a decent solution, but I don't like the idea of having a long cord on my headphones that I then have nothing to do with... might still consider it though. In the mean time, I have done a horrible horrible thing. Behold: Just as I described above, spliced...
  25. b00tang

    Vibe Replacement

    Sorry, I don't have a good recommendation for you, but I can say that my vibes just broke and I switched to the 10s and I'm loving them. I thought I would miss the way that the vibes let a little bit of sound in... and I do sometimes. It was nice that I had at least some idea what was...