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  1. moniki_123 WARNING!!!

    i guess i was one of the lucky ones who had a good experience from ecost. i bought the bf a pair of refurbed sennheiser hd600's from ecost for $200 shipped, about a year ago and they came in perfect condition, and are still doing very well. no complaints from us, and the shipping was...
  2. moniki_123

    suggestions for EARBUDS or CANALPHONES for ipod

    Quote: Originally Posted by Elephas ATH-CK5 impressions here: ATH-EC7 vs. B&O A8 comparison ongoing and coming up soon The ATH-EC7 costs more than US$100, but since...
  3. moniki_123

    suggestions for EARBUDS or CANALPHONES for ipod

    is there any sound/general difference between the er6 and the er6i? and honestly people...are sony headphones really THAT bad? over-priced and overrated sometimes, but having said that, should i consider the sony mdr-ex71 for canalphones priced at under $50? feel free to rave or rant or...
  4. moniki_123

    Seattle Meet -- Headroom Tour --- and other fun new things...July 30th

    count me and iamsmrt in. we just need to know what time and where. .
  5. moniki_123

    Burnaby / Vancouver mini-meet impressions

    just to reiterate all of what dylan has already said, thank you soo soo much to trevor and lee-anna for inviting us over and having lots of munchies (mmm...carrots) and drinks and being so hospitable. i was a little hesitant about the meet in the first place...gosh, making fun of dyl for weeks...
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