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  1. EtherealApril

    Brisbane, Australia meet [July]

    tisbob and MomijiTMO, thanks for the PMs. I'm definitely interested, though it looks like I'll probably be over in NZ early in July. For a venue, I suggest looking at schools or unis, which usually have rooms available for a reasonable rate. I'll be able to bring: RWA Isabellina (USB) DAC...
  2. EtherealApril

    AD2000 - My Impressions/Review

    MomijiTMO, nice review of the AD2000s. They're a pair of phones that I've been interested in listening to for a long time and, from what I've read, sound perfect for my tastes. Would you consider letting me have a listen to your pair some time? Our music tastes also seem to be pretty similar.
  3. EtherealApril

    Lawton Audio LA7000, Rudistor RP010se, RWA Isabellina

    Quote: Originally Posted by kefx Hi everyone, I decided to sell my RP010se, because I decided to trade in Isabellina and buy Isabella, so I can also enjoy speaker set up too. If anyone interested to buy my RP010se please send private message. I still love RP010se, but I found out...
  4. EtherealApril


    OSI are probably the closest thing I can think of to electronic prog-rock. Have only heard snippets of their earlier stuff and I understand Portnoy's now given up his place for Gavin Harrison but I like their most recent album, Blood. Riverside are great, but their sound's far too "organic"...
  5. EtherealApril

    Flashlight-Fi (LED & Conventional)

    Quote: Originally Posted by marvin I have a Ra Clicky 170, tactical interface: + Near perfect tactical non-latching pushbutton clicky UI + Great beam pattern with lots of throw + Construction makes Surefires seem fragile - Poor battery life - Poor tint on non-GT/hi-CRI versions...
  6. EtherealApril

    For how long can a vocalist scream?

    I was listening to Lateralus in the car today and the scream in The Grudge was the first thing that came to mind when I saw the title of this thread. It's definitely the longest scream I've heard.
  7. EtherealApril

    Flashlight-Fi (LED & Conventional)

    Quote: Originally Posted by kevinvisionm Hey, i'm planning on buying the torch flash light. The Torch Flashlight - World's Brightest Flashlight from Wicked Lasers Any comment? trying to buy as a defense tool That light is based on a Maglite mod produced by Cmacclel on Candle...
  8. EtherealApril

    hd650s smell funny?

    My 650s came with a "new" smell that took a couple of months to disappear.
  9. EtherealApril

    Headphone Sightings 2

    I saw a bloke today at uni (UQ) walking along with a pair of Alessandro MS-Pros around his neck. I stopped and did a double take.
  10. EtherealApril

    Weber Copper Cap - solid state replacement for tube rectifiers

    So it turned out to be the Sophia that was faulty, not a problem with your WA6-SE? I'm glad it wasn't your amp misbehaving but it's not something I'd expect out of such an expensive, new tube. The tube replacements look interesting but seem to me to be designed for improved reliability and...
  11. EtherealApril

    Musician with the best name?

    Kristoffer Rygg AKA Christophorus G. Rygg AKA G. Wolf AKA Garm AKA Fiery G. Maelstrom AKA Trickster G. Rex AKA God Head
  12. EtherealApril

    OMG new Maudlin of the Well

    I didn't expect this at all. I thought motW had disbanded. What are the chances that I decided to spin Bath for the first time in ages this morning and now I read this? Can't wait for the download to finish. I think it's a generous thing that they're offering their music for free.
  13. EtherealApril

    Earplugs for concert?

    Another ER-20 fan here. I wouldn't think of going to a concert without a pair these days.
  14. EtherealApril

    Local Music!

    Quote: Originally Posted by PWilson I recall another thread like this not long ago. But anyway Australia I'll back up Psycroptic - (Ob)Servant and add Psycroptic - Symbols of Failure. I can't get enough of this band. I'll add Alarum - Eventuality, which is another great...
  15. EtherealApril

    For Porcupine Tree fans.

    I like A Murder of Crows and The January Tree quite a lot but find their newer stuff a bit boring. I disagree that they're a poor man's Tool. Their music has a similar sound with that hint of industrial but is simpler and more minimalistic in structure, which really lets Devon Graves' vocals...
  16. EtherealApril

    Sennheiser HD650 & Massdrop HD6XX Impressions Thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by Chri5peed I'm confused by slow and fast cans, surely an hour by the concrete lake is 60 minutes however you listen. Haha, I picked the Pain of Salvation reference.
  17. EtherealApril

    Any albums where you love EVERY song

    Isis - Panopticon and Necrophagist - Epitaph are two albums which immediately spring to my mind.
  18. EtherealApril

    What would you name your band?

    As a joke, I'd love to start a band called Joe Blob and the Spoonerisms. It's not my idea, though. I read it once in a Nick Earls novel.
  19. EtherealApril

    WA6SE on order!!

    Congrats on your purchase. I ordered a black WA6-SE with the Sophia late last month and am expecting to see a shipping notice in the next week or so. I was also able to buy a second-hand 840C and am hoping it mates well with the Woo. I've been forced to listen to music through the integrated...
  20. EtherealApril

    HD650 vs. K701

    Although they're both fairly laid back cans, I think that the 701 and 650 compliment each other well because their outputs are tipped to opposite ends of the spectrum. I agree with the OP that music sounds more realistic through the 701 and that is why they're my choice for live music. I think...
  21. EtherealApril - what are your nicks.

    Mine's in my sig as well. EDIT - Show's how often I'm on my My foobar hasn't been submitting my tracks since 12 Dec and I didn't even know.
  22. EtherealApril

    Some spankin' shiny W5000 love? (*Instructions included*)

    Beautiful. Great work! Pictures like these are tempting me to sell my 701s for some nice ATs.
  23. EtherealApril

    Why do people "discover" high-end audio?

    A few years ago, I was looking for some "noise cancelling" earphones to wear on the train, which I caught to and from school every day. I discovered Etys and soon bought a pair. Listening to music on my Etys, I was amazed that I could hear so many more details than from my stock earbuds. I...
  24. EtherealApril

    Best Headphones for Metal?

    I feel that my 650s do surprisingly well for metal, especially prog. I can also attest that the K701s put you asleep after about 10 mins on studio recordings but interestingly, have a very stimulating sound on live recordings. I listened to Opeth's Roundhouse Tapes yesterday on my K701s and did...