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  1. misterDX

    HF2 or HF5

    i have a LG rumour phone, not sure if the hf2 pod functions on the phone even with the 2.5mm to 3.5mm adaptor........
  2. misterDX

    To the people who cant compare $60 cans to $100+ ones...

    i am guessing he is located in a rural place where he cant get any of the suggested cans under 60, and the two senns are the only thing he can find. in that case, buy neither, give up on buying cans in the first place, thats just cuz you live in a ****ty place, sorry
  3. misterDX

    opamp rolling results on EF1?

    anyone have any good experiences with them?
  4. misterDX

    Review: Audio-gd C2C Headphone amp vs. Little Dot MKV

    Quote: Originally Posted by Seba And now I paid a total of 416$ for C2C with red front LED. Can't wait to get it to me... the price increased?
  5. misterDX

    SE420 owners....

    wrong section dude
  6. misterDX

    To the people who cant compare $60 cans to $100+ ones...

    at that price range you will probably get more C/P from iems
  7. misterDX

    New Head-Direct EF1

    any more updates with opamp rolling?
  8. misterDX

    Help needed: new IEMs needed for small ear canals!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Bungee8 You're telling me! Aren't Shure's just as big though? you should have done your research before buying the UEs, they are known to be huge
  9. misterDX

    Buying Ultimate Ears in Canada?

    buy them online through ebay
  10. misterDX

    lest we forget

    Sony D66SL eggo pictorial - Minidisc Community Forums
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    REVIEW: Fully Modded and recabled MarkL Denon D5000 (MD5000)

    Quote: Originally Posted by donunus what ever happened to that r10 comparison that was to come exactly?
  12. misterDX

    Altec Lansing iM716 or Head-Direct RE2

    like i said, your samsung crap wont do u much good, source is everything