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  1. freak

    Am I crazy? HD555 are the ultimate headphones?

    I extensively compared a couple of high quality cans (at the same time) and strangely I found my old, worn out Sennheiser HD555 to be the best. I compared them with Sennheiser HD650, AKG K-712, HiFiMAN HE-400 and Beyerdynamic DT150 and HD555 wins in almost every genre. The cans I remember were...
  2. freak

    Dark smooth headphones, $200-300 budget.

    I'm looking for a dark smooth not fatiguing headphones that would compliment my AKG K-712 (I don't have these yet but I once had K-701 and I liked their sound in good quality recordings, mostly classical music, jazz, audiophile recordings :P ). My ears are very sensitive and I don't like bright...
  3. freak

    Extension cables for headphones.

    I want to buy an aextension cable to my AKG K701? I don't want it to add anything to the signal, as if it wasn't there. What do you think of this one? or maybe grado extension cable? What would you suggest?