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  1. Joelby

    The Beauty of Todays Portable Gear

    Time to take a breather from the constant debating in portable audio. Share some thoughts on how tech has improved your music experience on the go. Here's mine: My earliest experience with portable audio had me packing a generic CD player and some big Koss phones of which I cannot recall...
  2. Joelby

    Scratching Head over Latest Sour eBay Experience

    I bought a case off eBay for a new iPod Classic I just purchased. I recieved my package today. Here's what I got: Griffin Reflect package containing one of the back plates for the reflect case and a used, scratched to **** Belkin clear case... What!!!!!!! Insight: The item was...
  3. Joelby

    Edmonton/Alberta Meet MARCH 14th - The Gramophone

    A DATE HAS BEEN SCHEDULED - SUNDAY MARCH 14th AT THE GRAMAPHONE STORE! 1:00 PM START Address: 7913 104 Street Northwest Edmonton, AB T6E 4E1, Canada (780) 428-2356 Gramophone on google Now as discussed, we need a decent attendance for this to work out. Please confirm if you're going...
  4. Joelby

    Another Grado Bowl Pad Comfort Mod

    If you're like me and enjoy your Grados/Alessandros with bowl pads, I have a new mod that is cheap and easy. The mod came about when I purchased some PX200 pads for my KSC75. The original pads are what I've used to mod the bowl for superior comfort. Simply stretch the KSC75 pads over the lip...
  5. Joelby

    Some Questions Regarding HD650 Balanced Recable

    May the DIY Gods shine down on me! As the title states, I'd like to make a DIY balanced cable for the HD650s. I've ordered the Cardas Connectors already. I'll be terminating with a 4-pin neutrik xlr. I'll also be making a xlr->1/4 adapter. My questions are primarily to do with wire selection...
  6. Joelby

    Anyone running G-Force on a Mac? V-Bar Help

    I recently bought G-Force and have to say it is one stunning visualizer. However, the V-Bar has proven to be a problem. I can't figure out how to sync it with iTunes (itunes does not come up under audio sources). Without this feature, V-Bar is pretty pointless with headphone listening as the...
  7. Joelby

    Just Bought new iGrados, Can They Still be Recabled?

    After searching around the forum it's still unclear whether the updated version of the iGrado can or cannot be opened up and recabled without destroying the housing. The stock cable really needs to go... Anyone tried the recable on a recently purchased pair?
  8. Joelby

    Can a Brother get a Dacmagic?

    I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction: I want to purchase a Cambridge Audio Dacmagic. However, my search for one locally has not been going well. Any suggestions as to where I can find one online? I'm in Canada, if that matters (ie won't ship to me, those...
  9. Joelby

    What would you pay for Orpheus???

    What is the going market price for the headphone/amp Orpheus package these days? I ask because I stumbled upon a set at a local shop for what seems to be a great price of $7000 Canadian. (About $5650 US current exchange) What do you guys think?
  10. Joelby

    Total Bithead as Temporary DAC/Preamp

    I know this has been brought up on some threads already.... But I'd like to get some clarification and actual experiences if possible. I just got my LD MK V amp for my HD650s. I'm probably going to grab the LD DAC_1 when it comes out. For the time being, I'm wondering about using the Bithead...
  11. Joelby

    Death by Crackling

    Hi Guys, I've been listening to several metal cds through my new HD 650s, using total bithead (for the time being) fed from my macbook. I'm noticing some crackling that seems to follow certain guitar riffs and it's driving me f'n nuts. Can anyone relate to this? I'm just trying to confirm...