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  1. b00tang

    Recabling for iphone, anyone else interested?

    I'm sorry if you hate iphones or hate this thread. I just want to find out if anyone else uses his/her iphone to listen to music on the go and wishes that someone would offer a cable so they could easily skip songs with a click of a button or answer calls on a built in mic. V-mode offers the...
  2. b00tang

    Dennon AHD-1001 or spend more and get HFI-780?

    Alright I've spent a couple days and read all I could now I'm gong to just ask: Should I get the Dennon 1001 or spend more for ultrasone HFI-780s? This will be my first set of cans and I am going to use them at work (source is an imac or iphone, I could buy an amp eventually for the imac if...
  3. b00tang

    Upgrade my girlfriends headphones from ex51s?

    About a year and a half ago I bought my girlfriend some Sony Mdr-ex51s (I didn't know any better at the time, I swear! And at least they were better than the ipod buds!!!). Now that I'm getting my feet wet on head-fi, I'm feeling more and more guilty letting her walk around with those sonys...