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  1. guyx1992

    Going to NYC

    Hi.. me and a some friends are going to NYC and wanna check out some music shows. They don't have to be famous artists, we'd love to go to one of those little bars with music shows.  We're 21 so no worries there. Any suggestions? 
  2. guyx1992

    Some NYC touristic stuff

    My mom is currently visiting NYC. At a moment of stupidity I said that I don't want to go with her because I thought being in NYC with her and my 20 year old sister would be hell. Too much shopping lol. So anyways, I wanna ask her to bring me stuff that are part of the NY "experience". I was...
  3. guyx1992

    Amsterdam trip

    Hi.. I'll be finishing high school next month and I have my finals at June-July. Me and 2 friends thought about having a trip to Amsterdam before we join the army. How much money do you think you need to save up for a 3-4 day vacation in Amsterdam around October? not including flights. Thanks!
  4. guyx1992


    Hi.. For the last six months I've been using the Alessandro MS-1 which I like very much. Unfortunately when I was on vacation in the Netherlands I saw at a store there (media market i think) the high end sennheisers (not HD800 but the 650 and 600) and began to check prices. I wasn't able to...
  5. guyx1992

    Watch football games free on the internet

    Hi... I wanna watch the premier league and the bundesliga on the internet for free. Is it possible? Here it's pay-per-view and I don't want to pay to watch those games. Thanks! BTW, for you Americans, I mean "soccer" :P
  6. guyx1992

    Dac/Amp combo or seperate?

    Hi.. Currently I'm using a MS-1 through an aiwa *all in one* receiver/cdp. I want to buy an amp and a dac for my headphones. I would want my dac to have two output options so I could connect it to my speakers (maybe krk rp5g2) and to my headphones. My question is should I get a separate dac...
  7. guyx1992

    headphone out "route"

    Hi there... I use my PC as my primary music source, it's an OB card that's connected to a NSX-BL14 all in one aiwa stereo. I also have an Alessandro MS-1 which I sometimes use. Does it matter if I plug it directly to my sound card or through my aiwa stereo HP out? Is there loss of SQ...
  8. guyx1992

    Holland / France trip with my family

    Hi.. This summer at the end of July I'm going on vacation to The Netherlands and France. It will be a 10-day vacation and we'll be more at Holland. I'm going with my parents and my 10 year old brother. We lived at Den Haag for 4 years (1997-2001) and want to visit. Any particular places we...
  9. guyx1992

    Ipod dock as a first project?

    Hi.. I really want to enter the world of DIY. I have zero experience with soldering and I have close to none when it comes to knowledge about electricity. I really want an iPod dock and don't want to buy one. Is it a good decision to try and build one as a first project? I want it to have a...
  10. guyx1992 radio >ALL

    Hi... For a long time I've been listening to rock (especially 1970s). I've also had a last fm account. One time I entered my friends profile and saw an artist "Jose Gonzalez". That was an interesting name so I decided to listen to his radio. Oh my god I was hooked with him and more folk...
  11. guyx1992

    Indie - Folk suggestions

    Hey.. For approx. 6-7 years my main genre of music was rock, mostly 70s rock (zeppelin, stones, pink floyd and more). I have been listening to folk like beirut and noah and the whale and more but never expanded my folk collection. Yesterday I heard on the "Jose Gonzalez" radio and fell...
  12. guyx1992

    How many siblings do you have?

    Hey! I just saw a youtube video about the birth rate around the world and wanted to know how many brothers and sisters you have, not including yourself. I won't post the video because it's a bit religious but if any of you want to see it, PM me. I have 2 siblings, an older sister and a...
  13. guyx1992

    El Clásico

    Hey! This thread is for the true football fans (soccer)... Quote: El Clásico (English: The Classic), also known as El derbi español, El derbi, ¡El SuperClásico! or El clàssic (Catalan language) [1] is a football match between rivals Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. The rivalry comes about...
  14. guyx1992

    iPod Nano 4th Gen 4GB

    Is there such a thing? Because at the Apple Store site I didn't see anything about it but at the Israeli Distributor (official) there is. BTW, is an iPod nano 4th Gen 8GB worth 130$ used?
  15. guyx1992

    Billboard Top 5 Albums the Year you were born

    Hey! I just though of something. Every one should write what was the Top 5 albums according to Billboard the year you were born. How do you do it? Go here: Historical Music Charts Archive - At You Can Explore Music History , and then check the lower-left area "Billboard 200...
  16. guyx1992

    With what song do you wake up in the morning?

    In this thread write the songs/tones that you chose to wake up with them in the morning. My alarm clock is "The office theme".. What's yours?
  17. guyx1992

    I want to upgrade my wallet :(

    You have now become my enemies! Damn you Head-Fi!!!! I am now 16 years old, and since I was 7 or 8 I remember loving music, napster-era. I remember I was always a gadget-computer lover (some might say geek :P ) and when I was on the verge of buying a MP3 to replace my old non-MP3 discman I...
  18. guyx1992

    Times in the US

    Hey... I've had a little question for some time now. Whenever I see commercials about series in the US it always has some weird time stamp. I mean, for example, Lost is on Wednesdays 9/8c. What does it mean? My time zone is GMT +3 and I would like to know what time zone the 9 is and what...
  19. guyx1992

    How do I start playing the guitar?

    Hey. For a few years now I wanted to start playing the guitar but never actually started learning. But I decided that I want to learn the basics before the summer. How do you suggest I learn? A private tutor? The internet? BTW, at first I want to learn playing a classic guitar.
  20. guyx1992

    Just recieved my MS-1s

    Hi! After being part of this great community for a year or more, I finally decided to purchase my first "Head-Fi" can. Before that I only had the KSC75s and the EP630s. My budget was 100$ so I bought the Alessandro MS-1 for 99$ incl. shipping! I got it today and immediately plugged it into...
  21. guyx1992

    Little Dot II++

    Hello, Yesterday I saw that there is someone local that is selling his Little Dot II++. The only downside is that one power tube is broken so I'd have to replace them. How much is to replace the power tubes? For this amp, with a broken tube, how much is it worth paying for? Little Dot...
  22. guyx1992


    Hey! Apparently I won some these Sony cans for 36$ shipped off eBay and I'd like to know how are they. I actually wasn't thinking straight, and I don't want them, but since I'll probably win them, I won't be a jerk and complete my end of the deal. So, how are they? For rock...
  23. guyx1992

    Trip to Poland - a few questions...

    well because of the two threads I saw about eurotrip plans I decided to open a thread aswell. at the 9th of march until the 17th I'll be at poland with friends to the traditional trip to poland to see all the holocaust sites. (I'm Jewish/israeli) Anyways, at nights, after the touring I will...
  24. guyx1992

    Must PS3 Games?

    Hey head-fi I recently got a PS3 with two games: GTA IV and FIFA Soccer 2009.. I love them both, but I want other games aswell. What do you recommend? I'm not a fan of RPG's like Valkyria Chronicles and Fallout 3 so don't suggest them
  25. guyx1992

    Paul McCartney Show - Brilliant!

    Yesterday, I was at a Paul McCartney show here in Israel, 43 years after the Beatles [1965] were banned from playing here because the government thought they would corrupt the youth [rubbish]. Anyway, it was fantastic! 50,000 people came to see this legend. It was one of the biggest shows...