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  1. lostbobby

    Some questions about shure se530

    Quote: Originally Posted by Rip N' Burn The newer batches of 530's have a new type of cable formula to prevent cracking of the cable coating. I still wouldn't risk buying them from an unauthorized seller. They are a big investment and in case something does go wrong, you will have to...
  2. lostbobby

    The FreQ Custom IEMs - Impressions Thread (Updates on First Page!)

    Quote: Originally Posted by elnero I've never found volume attenuators, Shures included, very transparent. i would go for th resistor that Ultimate ears gives you for $20,
  3. lostbobby

    In Search of Non-Hissing IEMs: Replacing the Super.Fi 5 Pro

    you could try inline resistors from Ultimate ears, Ety or Dr. Meier. The Ety P to S converter (75 ohms or so IIRC) works pretty well, except that i keep losing them, which gets expensive.
  4. lostbobby

    Shure E5 Carry Case - How To?

    you can just use some pliers to pull the plastic spool off the case. Lotsa room then.
  5. lostbobby

    Where to get a Shure assortment "fit kit"?

    I've never seen an assortment of different size blak olive foamies for sale anywhere, but i did see that Apple stores in teh states are selling 10-pak of mediums for $US 20.
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    Curing ER-6i Cable Thump!

    you can also get a velcro cable tie sold at computer stores, cut that toa couple inches long and use that to make your cable slider (make a chin strap with the "pigtails". And running the cable from your iphone/nomad /whatever under your shirt, and then out where the shirt clip is also helps...
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    R/L Balance check: How to?

    my apple laptop (powerbook) seems to drift Right to Left occasionally, and i always seem to notice while listening to drum solos (assuming the drums are mixed center). I think snare drum and cymbals, especially, have a razor thin sonic image.
  8. lostbobby

    Durability comparison between DT880, HD650, and K701

    i think you want to see if the warranties and after-warranty service is good on those. I believe people's experiences are that Senn, AKG, and Beyer's US divisions aren't as accessible as Grado. Especially AKG. I have the 701's and DT880's, neither of them will stand up to heavy abuse and a...
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    shure foamies

    Quote: Originally Posted by navmau ebay seller: idealsound or if you are in the US, FYI the yellow foamies are only made for E3/4/5/500 fromthe old line, and SE 210 and up from new line. The old E2's had a larger diameter barrel, and their tips only fit that model
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    HD600 and Miles Davis

    Quote: Originally Posted by audiomagnate Best album ever, but it sounds better on Quads than 600s. I've got it on vinyl, CD and SACD. It was a one take deal, probably Ampex 300 straight to the cutter. I had one of those. Have you guys read his autobiography? He puked everyday at noon...
  11. lostbobby

    Anyone using an se420 or se530 while exercising? Any issues?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Jonoh hi, My Shure E4s developed a problem so I can either send them in for repair (no longer under warranty) or upgrade to an SE420 or SE530. Much of the use, but not all, will be while exercising at the gym (weights and also a lot of treadmill). The...
  12. lostbobby

    AKG K701 with Macbook Pro

    Quote: Originally Posted by ph0rk You will be able to get sufficient volume (and then some) out of a MBP, I just tested it. An amp and dac down the line will improve on it, of course, but the MBP will work for the short term. +1. I've had the MBP just a few weeks, it never...
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    [B]Shure SE530's + iPod Touch[/B]

    Dunno if the electronics in hte touch are any better than previous gen ipods, which had pretty miserable headamp circuits. Without an amp, that's the weak link, not importing at less than lossless bitrates.
  14. lostbobby

    Shure warranty repair turnaround time?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Zuerst per Shure, SE530 and E500 are exactly the same... It's been 5 weeks or so since i last listened to 500's, so impressions are less than reliable, but 530's do sound the same to me, more or less. One thing, the 530's come with 4 pairs of olive...
  15. lostbobby

    AKG K701 for $239

    Wow, i'd say jump on it, as long as you have the amp with enough juice to drive them.
  16. lostbobby

    My E500 cable broke... at a really odd place too...

    Most people are happy with the 500's and 530's, I think. It might be people with acidic skin types (something like that, I'm not a dermatologist) that are having problems. Anyway, Shure will make sure that problems from these cable housings don't have the warranty expire at 2 years, they...
  17. lostbobby

    Just heard the AKG 701's with Grados

    Quote: Originally Posted by mrarroyo I like my K701 but I love my Grado's. I prefer the sound of the RS-2 to the K701. My recomendation is to get both slippery slope to the Melos, K1000's and HP-2's, right? Seriously, keep watching the Meets forum for one near you.
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    Quote: Originally Posted by ericj Shure has a patented technology for defeating IEM cable microphonics, but if you promise not to tell their attorneys, you can use that same technology with your etys. Insert the IEM up-side down, wrap the cable around your ear. The key is to...
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    *******it Shure

    Quote: Originally Posted by jagorev Update: I'm fine. Thanks for all the good wishes. It was a huge annoyance, though, and I'm never using that damned headphone again. I've been using high end audio equipment and headphones for many years, and this has to be the first time this hobby...
  20. lostbobby

    *******it Shure

    Ooh, that's harsh. I've had this happen a couple times with the UM-2 (they don't have the ridge or raised part on the barrel so Shure black and yellow foamies fit pretty sloppy, until i put a bit of scotch tape onthe barrel). I remember the little Japanese earwax-spoon (which i remember head-fi...
  21. lostbobby

    Got the BD DT880 and still not so happy...

    excluding Grado, that's a tough one. The only ones i've heard to have similar signature is the Ultrasone's, like somebody suggested. They've got their fans, but mixed reviews, an they're hard to come by used. Definitely the AKG 701/501 range and the Senn's are not what you're looking for (but if...
  22. lostbobby

    SE530 comfortable?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Pokato I got a great deal on a pair of SE530, this will be my second pair of IEM, the last pair I had was the E2C, and it wasn't comfortable at all...after that I used the PK1(very comfortable to my ear), but since I got a good deal here, I thought why not...
  23. lostbobby

    Damaged right cable on SR225s. Recable myself or send into Grado?

    there have been threads about damaging the drivers with heat trying to pry the driver out of the cup. Do a search. If it's only $90 to do the headphile recable, I'd consider that a bargain, I'm assuming that's with a pure copper or maybe silver-plated copper, neutrik plug and the soft...
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    Do foamies lose isolation with age?

    shure yellow foamies? Yes! They! compress! and get kind of generally! unhygienic!
  25. lostbobby

    Damn! Does it get better?!?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Fitz It gets so much better that you will start selling organs on the black market (not your own) to buy more AKGs. can you gimme a phone number or website?