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  1. duff138

    FiiO M6-Portable High-Resolution Lossless Music Player,Embracing A Wireless Future

    Anyone compare the M3K to the M6 or M9? Had not thought about this one until you mentioned it.
  2. duff138

    BGVP discussion thread DM7/ DM6/DMG and NEW BA series

    Looking at Linsoul as an option. I see with them they randomly choose the cable for you. Penon Audio is confusing, can not figure out how to choose the color I want. The option does not seem to be there.
  3. duff138

    BGVP discussion thread DM7/ DM6/DMG and NEW BA series

    Are the DM6's in stock and available to order anywhere right now?
  4. duff138

    Ipod Touch 2nd gen. Suggestions needed...

    Quote: Originally Posted by a_tumiwa Fiio E1 is amp.... not LOD... the amp is built-in inside the connector You're right. I knew that. I was thinking this option at first and obviously I wouldn't use the govibe, but since I have the govibe I figured it might be a better idea to...
  5. duff138

    Got any good Post/Sludge Metal?

  6. duff138

    Death Metal Discussion

    Quote: Originally Posted by Ghoul Yea, I'm really loving the old school feel of it. I have their LP now i'm looking into getting their EP. Dead Congregation. The EP is great, even more of an earlier Incantation feel to it.
  7. duff138

    Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part X]

    Quote: Originally Posted by Hayduke I like that album too, but I am missing what the Sky Valley thing means The album is usually referred to as either "Sky Valley" or "Welcome to Sky Valley" but is really self-titled.
  8. duff138

    80GB+ FLAC player?

    I was looking for a FLAC player too. My wife bought me a 160gig Ipod for my birthday. I ripped a massive amount of FLAC to mp3, but found it only filled about 50 gig! I went back and used dbpoweramp and convert the FLAC to ALAC. I had an extra external drive on my computer, so I just had it...
  9. duff138

    Does your iPod LOD spoil easily?

    I started out with a Silver Dragon Send Station Pocket Dock to straight mini. I started having problems, so I sent it back and for $10 had the send station removed and it was converted into a mini-mini cable. I use this now and have gone through 2 TURBODOCKS. After a year or so they both lost...
  10. duff138

    Darkest Desires Part V

    Quote: Originally Posted by DarkAngel I did actually check out some short samples after seeing drummer was none other than famous vetran Gene Hoglan and they really are pretty good, not truely great but for an Adult Swim cartoon show band they put out amazing high quality music...
  11. duff138

    New QOTSA Album

    got to give it another listen today, actually listening once again right now. Starting to grow on me. I'm digging it.
  12. duff138

    New QOTSA Album

    I still prefer the S/T over anything else. New one sounds to robotic/produced for my taste. Once Nicke left they went down hill.
  13. duff138

    Best FLAC converter

    Quote: Originally Posted by mofonyx Autoflac is probably the easiest way to go about configuring EAC to work with FLAC. EAC has an easier integration with *.ape, but *.ape support is limited on DAPs, so... FLAC is the way to go. Best of luck. that's what I do. I have EAC...
  14. duff138

    Rockbox on iRiver H320: A new lease on life

    I'll have to check this player out. I also have a squeezebox, so everything I have is in Flac format, and I'm looking for something decent that'll play Flac instead of having to recode them to mp3.
  15. duff138

    Best cheap 2.0 computer speakers?

    are the Insignias speakers shielded?
  16. duff138

    HT Monitors for under $300

    I have the Axiom M2 and M22 speakers. I originallly had a sub woofer with the m2's, but move it over to my m22 setup. If I had known I was going to move the sub I would have gone with the M3's instead of the m2. They are great speakers, but have no real bass.
  17. duff138

    Metal Recommendation

    Repugnant- Epitome of Darkness (Old School Death/Thrash Metal) Kaamos- Lucifer Rising (Death Metal) Repugant is a pain is the ass to find in a distro, but totally worth the effort to find.
  18. duff138

    what's a good Nano skin/cover....

    Quote: Originally Posted by bonethugz i saw lots and lots of different cool nano skin/cover in tokyo japan when i was there last month. i mean it's so easy find those cover, every department stores carry them. Fine I'll get off my ass and take a look. There's a lot of cases...
  19. duff138

    D-777 Going Cheap

    Quote: Originally Posted by Omari149 I was bidding on that you know. It's all because of you I lost the auction. How would you like it if I or someone posted a auction you were bidding on, on head-fi? it looks like you bid a minute and a half before the auction ended though...
  20. duff138

    Darkest Desires Part V

    I've been on a bit of a thrash/death metal kick lately. Listening to: Kaamos- s/t Repugnant- Epitome of darkness Nocturnal- Arrival of the Carnivore Slaughter Lord- Thrash 'til Death Gospel of Horns- A Call To Arms Destruction- all Kreator- early stuff
  21. duff138

    Rock / Heavy Metal Suggestions?

    Quote: Originally Posted by asmox Buy me now. I personally like all their earlier stuff, but you can't go wrong with Death.
  22. duff138

    Boston/N.E. Meet - Saturday August 26 (fine, it's actually in Marlborough)

    put me down as tentative. Just noticed this thread, so I'll have to make sure I'm free.
  23. duff138

    Rock / Heavy Metal Suggestions?

    you mention German Heavy Metal. Does not get much better than Kreator or Destruction. Killer earlier thrash metal. I can recommend their earlier releases, but have not heard their more recent stuff. thanks for having a link to the Boston meet, I did not know they were having another one.
  24. duff138

    Cave-In; absolutely unbelievable.

    I listened to "Jupiter" again recently and was amazed how well it still sounded. I still prefer the earlier soundy stuff. I have all the 7" 's and like the heavier sound. "Until the Heart Stops" is great too, but very different from "Jupiter". You may like "Antenna", but they were trying to go...
  25. duff138

    HF-1 sale update

    Quote: Originally Posted by TheBoxesPlace I got the last one #439 at 2:00:01. how many seconds before 2:00 did you have to hit confirm order? I was surprised how long mine took to process. I was too paranoid to hit the button before 2:00!