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  3. robinclp

    New Grado IEM (GR8)

    Hi guys went on engadget and saw these hope they're as "gr8" as they sound
  4. robinclp

    Sennheiser CX95 vs Super fi 3 vs Klipsch Custom 2

    i can tell you honestly that the superfi.3 is not worth buying... i have enjoyed listening to it with some music and it's not entirely bad but it has one major flaw... it has little to no bass... some people may tell you otherwise and saying that the bass is definitely there ... yea well they...
  5. robinclp

    I'm starting it here... Sennheiser IE8 vs. Westone 3

    oh wow.... i've got the hd600 and completing the senn family with the ie8 sounds intriguing. definitely gotta upgrade my e4c. btw ical which iem has less microphonics when rubbing against the wire? i would guess the ie8 right? The westone 3 has twisted wires so there should be no phonics. I...
  6. robinclp

    RSA Predator Purchase

    i just got a white/silver rsa predator for around 550 and i was amazed at how small and light it was. for me personally, i would say it's totally worth the money to get one of the smallest and lightest portable amps that's available. it's all i think i'll ever need since i'll only be...
  7. robinclp

    Ray Samuel Tomahawk, anything similar?

    i use my predator with e4c and i don't notice any difference with and without amp
  8. robinclp

    Photos: HeadAmp Pico & RSA Predator

    can't wait....
  9. robinclp

    Photos: HeadAmp Pico & RSA Predator

    yay i just paid for an rsa predator... how long do you guys think it will take for it to get shipped to Canada?
  10. robinclp

    Need amp recommendations

    i dont think you really need an amp for the iems you have right now... maybe try out some full size cans first then consider getting an amp
  11. robinclp

    what's in the 2move package?

    thanks much appreciated
  12. robinclp

    what's in the 2move package?

    what type of transformer would i need to get?
  13. robinclp

    what's in the 2move package?

    hi i'm planning to get the 2move... was just wondering what's included inside 2move usb cable Anything else? From what I know the batteries aren't included. What about the ac adaptor?
  14. robinclp

    Got my 2move in and I need help... Please...

    I think it's time you got full-size headphones... you'll immediately notice the stronger bass/tighter bass... well that's what I heard when I tested the 2move with my sr80 ... stronger bass impact .... which you won't feel out of iems
  15. robinclp

    The Sennheiser HD-600 thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by donunus not enough volume first of all. Depending on what youre driving them with, they might sound a little soft too. The ipod being set to half volume is already a very suitable volume... anything higher than that I personally find too loud ... I...
  16. robinclp

    The Sennheiser HD-600 thread

    hi just got my hd600 today definitely still enjoyable w/out amp imho
  17. robinclp


    is the sa5k hard to push? can i use a port amp for it?
  18. robinclp

    noob question: RSA Predator & Corda2Move

    In what ways is the RSA Predator better than the Meier Corda2Move? From what I know, probably battery life but by how much? Do the differences justify the price difference?
  19. robinclp

    corda2move + hd600 = alright?

    i'm planning to get a dac/amp combo and i heard the predator/pico can provide enough juice for the hd600 for an "enjoyable" listening experience. The only problem is that the price is kinda a steep and I was wondering if the corda2move can step up to the job at a more reasonable price. I've...
  20. robinclp

    I just got my SR80 Grados..underwhelmed

    yea i got the superfi.3, e4c and sr80.... none of them seem to justify their price tag. am i asking for too much?
  21. robinclp

    Just bought Super.Fi 3 ... What the?

    yea superfi.3 definitely lacks the wow factor when you listen to them... I wasn't impressed by the sound either considering they were my first pair of expensive iems I prefer the e4cs more or you could try the superfi.5 if you have the money
  22. robinclp

    IPOD Classic SQ vs Sansa Clip SQ (Clips winning!)

    come on the ipod classic ain't that bad....
  23. robinclp

    ipod classic hardisk specs

    just curious what hardisk rpm is the ipod classic using?
  24. robinclp

    Sony MDR-EX71

    hey sometimes ignorance is bliss... before i knew anything about IEMs and the likes, I really loved the ex71sl... but keep in mind of the quality issues... the cables break around 1 year of use