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  1. shootertwist

    dac/amp SQ similar to x5/dx90

    Good day guys, need your advice, i was initially planning to get an x5 or dx90 but upon reading about them the past 2 weeks it seems like the user interface and overall usability will leave me wanting after getting used to an ipod/iphone android mp3 players. As such, i think i'll just get one of...
  2. shootertwist

    please help - Fiio e7 & IE8

    would this two be a good combination? thanks in advance
  3. shootertwist

    akg k450 cable

    is it true that the akg k450 does not use a standard plug and that the cord is easilly broken? several people have reported this at the akg site... its the only thing stopping me from buying it... hopefully some users can comment on their durability,... warranty claiming in our place is flaky to...