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  1. rustablad

    Headphone Sightings 2

    I saw myself at college in a mirror wearing signature pros..... i got bored of trying to find something other than beats, so i count myself now.
  2. rustablad

    You know you're an audiophile when...

    You know you're and audiophile when you buy a thousand dollar pair of headphones and while you wait for them to arrive, you purchase a $200 pair of headphones to make the wait easier...
  3. rustablad

    Best budget headphones for a picky person...?

    You can't afford to be picky!        (says I while eating cheap noodles and listening to my Signature pros)
  4. rustablad

    Grado SR325is vs Ultrasone HFI 2400

    Sorry i couldnt get back to you sooner, any of the smaller SS amps will be fine, fiio portables, E7,E17 and then the E9 is also perfect, but if your source is ok, they dont really ''need' an amp, but they do benefit. 
  5. rustablad

    Grado SR325is vs Ultrasone HFI 2400

    For 180, get the ULTRASONEs, b they aren't too bright, but they are smooth and voluptuous(I adore them). other than price, maybe the SR325 if you want ''FUN''
  6. rustablad

    New Headphone Settings Help!

    If you want to play with an EQ, parametric EQ is the ONLY way
  7. rustablad

    Best headphone when going to bed.

    SHURE SE-215 IMO, flat, perfect for sleeping...
  8. rustablad

    Beats Are Magical! And Other Nearly-Criminal Marketing Schemes

    The beats prove that we simply live in a consumer society, where advertising can push a product to insane popularity, even if the product is inadequate for the price.
  9. rustablad

    Best headphone when going to bed.

    i have gone to bed with my ultrasone HI-FI 2200's for 2 years    , doesn't mean its a good idea though.
  10. rustablad

    Looking foward for my first good headphone

    In my opinion, yes. I like that it has a DAC and can be used in combination with the E9 down the line, and the display is sweet too. I think ALOT of people like that E11 though, depends where you use it and what your source is...
  11. rustablad

    Best headphones in the $100-$150 range?

    Ok, I do like shure, but mostly for their IEMs, I cant say I'm so SHURE about the  SRH840, i'd still go for the ultrasones, from the little  SRH840 demo ive had, i feel the ultrasones are better all rounders.
  12. rustablad

    electronic headphones?!

    I suppose the 900s are bright, but I wouldn't worry about them being harsh.
  13. rustablad

    Best headphones in the $100-$150 range?

    For metal, the senns are OK, but I think they pale in comparison tot he ultrasone 780s (or 580 & 680), considering how close the price is if you find the right deal...   Double bass sounds lethal on the HI-FI 780s
  14. rustablad

    Looking foward for my first good headphone

    The HI-FI 780s are on for $150, win win win!
  15. rustablad

    Best headphones in the $100-$150 range?

    Hi, if you like the idea of the ultrasones and are in the us, the hi-fi780s are on for $150   I personally have never likes the audio technicas, but I love the ultrasones...
  16. rustablad

    electronic headphones?!

    I would recommend the Ultrasone pro 900, i had a pair, and listen to alot of sold school house and trance, they sounded fantastic, I had no issue what so ever with the mids, i prefer them to the denon, the sennheisers are out of the question in my opinion for you.
  17. rustablad

    Finding an Earbud, inear, IEM sound like XBA 1 ( <100&) ?

    I have both the SE215 and XBA-2, I ony put down $110 for the sony, and to be honest I think they sound like an $80 set of IEMs, the mids are very weak and boring, vocals seem to fade in and out and the treble is very dull, yet harsh, and as for the bass... it is very clean, but nothing special...
  18. rustablad

    Pro 900 to a lcd2 rev2

    Quote: +1
  19. rustablad

    Amp for Ultrasone-2400?

    UHMM. stay away from tube amps and the 2400's any of the FIIO's will do (E11, even E6 on the go)
  20. rustablad

    Ultrasone 2400 Headphone Questions

     Humble pie please   What genres do you listen to? the 2400's sound nice with JAZZ and vocal heavy music.
  21. rustablad

    Ultrasone 2400 Headphone Questions

    Even the little E6 will give the 2400 a kick, and they wont open up till 100hours + (in mon opnion)
  22. rustablad

    DIY Cable Gallery!!

    It is solid core, so i will certainly sleeve it 
  23. rustablad

    DIY Cable Gallery!!

    Hey, I am making some cables for my new magnums, I found an amazing deal for some AWG28 pure silver,  is that ok?
  24. rustablad

    post your grado mods....

    I'll have to get further into my design and then ill play with both options, see what looks best depending on the size of my cups
  25. rustablad

    Need help regarding custom headphone build!

    So long as they don't go over 500grams w/o cable