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  1. soloz2

    Superior Model 82 tube tester?

    Does anyone know anything about this model tester? I have the opportunity to possibly pick one up tomorrow, but there doesn't seem to be a lot of information about it.
  2. soloz2

    where to buy ati research enclosures

    I contacted ati research about pricing on a 373u enclosure and was told that the company closed. so does anyone know of any retailers that still have any ati research enclosures in stock?
  3. soloz2

    record shops near Rosen Plaza Hotel in Orlando?

    I'm going to a convention down in Orlando Florida in a few weeks and will be staying at the Rosen Plaza Hotel. I am curious if any locals could give me the names and addresses of any hi-fi and record shops in the area that I might be able to visit while I'm there. I won't have a lot of free time...
  4. soloz2

    any way to reduce gain on my zhaolu 1.3?

    the output on my Zhaolu is too high. I have had some issues with it in the past, but never that bad. However with my two most recent purchases, a Marantz Sr7001 receiver and a MPX3 SLAM I am running into problems. The Marantz's Peak light shows and the sound gets distorted at times because it...
  5. soloz2

    Anyone have luck activating and iPhone w/o AT&T?

    I got an iPhone today and I've been unsuccessfully trying to get it activated w/o going through the normal route on iTunes and activating through AT&T. I did find some step by step directions, but I couldn't get them to work. So, anyone who has done it care to share your tips? btw...
  6. soloz2

    Another reason to buy an Oppo

    I have an Oppo DV-971H DVD player that I have enjoyed for about a year and a half. About 6 months ago the tray started sticking and would not always open, but playing with it or unplugging it then plugging it back in would get it to open. It was an annoyance, but the unit displayed great video...
  7. soloz2

    Foobar & Vista

    Is there any trick to getting Foobar to work properly on Vista? I can't seem to get it to work right at all. I get errors both on startup and shutdown. It will play once I ignore the errors, but it's a PITA lol. So anyone using Vista and Foobar have a config that works?
  8. soloz2

    Marantz CD5001 vs. NADC525BEE

    I would like to get a better CD player then what I currently have and have pretty much narrowed my options down to two. Marantz CD5001 or NAD C525BEE I think the NAD C542 would be ideal, but...
  9. soloz2

    Pinout for Vision:M LOD?

    I picked up some docks connectors so I can make some LODs but I can't seem to find the pinout for the Vision:M.
  10. soloz2

    Positional audio messed up with Zhaolu 1.3?

    I recently got a Zhaolu 1.3 and it sounds great for music, but when I use the digital out from my X-fi to it the positional audio is all messed up. I had to switch back to my Number Cruncher. Any ideas about why this could be happening? For example... In Counterstrike if someone was to the...
  11. soloz2

    ipod or Zen Vision:M?

    I've been considering upgrading my mp3 player. I currently have a ZMP 8Gb and love it. My wife has a ZM and she likes her's too. but I would really like a DAP with a line output so that brings me to either the ipod or ZVM. I like that the ipod is compatible with more formats and lossless...
  12. soloz2

    what's your favorite 1/4" TRS plug?

    I'm curious to see what everyone's favorite high quality TRS plug is. In the past I've used some Neutrik NP3X-B's and they're a nice plug, but not very easy to work with and they can't accept very large awg cable. I've been looking at the Canare F16 as I like the F12 mini plugs.
  13. soloz2

    best price/performance RCA plugs for silver ICs

    I'm thinking about making some silver ICs and need some high quality RCA plugs that would pair well with pure silver cable. I've been looking at some from Cardas, Vampire, and Lok; probably silver or Rhodium plated. I want to be able to buy in bulk and get something that looks good...
  14. soloz2

    Little Dot T_100

    the new Little Dot speaker amp looks pretty intriguing to me as I'm in the market for an integrated amp for my Infinity RS2 bookshelf speakers. I'm wondering if it would be a good investment or if I should continue to look at vintage Marantz, Pioneer and NAD amps. info on the Little Dot T_100...
  15. soloz2

    speaker amp needed

    I am in need of a receiver or an amplifier to drive a couple bookshelf speakers that I have just sitting in the closet right now. I'll use it with my computer and Phillips DVD player through my number cruncher 203.2. The speakers are Infinitys that I got a few years ago. I was thinking...
  16. soloz2

    where to get soft sleeving?

    I've used sleeving quite a bit even before getting into making my own cables and recabling headphones. (computer modding) But all the sleeving I've used has been either somewhat stiff or plasticy. (is that even a word?) So, what kind of sleeving is used on high end headphone cables? I want some...
  17. soloz2

    good silver solder that won't break the bank

    I have some rat shack silver solder that I used, but then I picked up a roll of kester 245 series solder and haven't really looked back because it's so much nicer to work with. I do however want to get some more 'better' silver bearing solder but I don't want to spend a fortune on it. so...
  18. soloz2

    woot new car headunit on the way! :D

    Yesterday I ordered an Eclipse CD4000 to replace my Pioneer DEH-7000R headunit that finally decided it didn't want to work anymore after 8-9 years of heavy use. It developed a short somewhere so it turns off every time I open the flap face to eject the CD, and with no power it won't eject the...
  19. soloz2

    plans for DIY speaker A/B selecter box?

    does anyone have any plans for something like this? I've been thinking about getting one for a while since my reciever doesn't have an A/B switch built in and I've got an extra pair of speakers sitting here.
  20. soloz2

    add a 2nd source to my amp

    I'm wondering if there is an easy way to add a 2nd pair of RCA inputs to my PIMETA (one for my computer and the other for my CD player) Or would I need to build some sort of switchbox?
  21. soloz2

    Best place to get a Hakko 936?

    I've been browsing the forums and after spending way too much time being frustrated with my cheap soldering iron I think it's time to upgrade. It seems to me that the Hakko 936 seems to be the most recommended soldering station around here. I have also seen some people talking about the CSI...
  22. soloz2

    headphone recable and no sound!?!?

    so I attempted to recable a pair of my sister's headphones that had a loose connection. They're a $50 pair of phillips noise canceling cans that she got. So, she sent them to me... I never listened to them, I just trusted her... I guess that was my mistake. I desoldered everything and after...
  23. soloz2

    need a little help recabling some noise-canceling headphones

    well my sister's pair of Phillips HN50 noise canceling headphones has a loose connection and the left side keeps cutting out on her. So I picked her up some HD202's to tide her over and told her that I'd try to fix hers. I figured it would be a good first pair of headphones to recable because...
  24. soloz2

    looking for a good beginning kit for a good headphone amp or a DAC

    I am interested in building a headphone amp or a DAC but am a total noob and have never done anything like this before. So, I would really like to buy a kit with all the parts necessary for this build. I do have experience with electronics and build all my own computers, have a sodering iron...
  25. soloz2

    Cardas mini-mini cable at different lengths?

    I emailed Todd a couple days ago to ask about getting a 2M long Cardas mini-mini cable and he hasn't responded yet. Is there a better way to contact him, or does anyone know the answer to my question? I would actually like to get 2 cables. a 6" one for portable use and a 2M one (wll actually...