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  1. Linda513

    If I like HD25-SP will I like ER-6i

    Thanks to you guys I have a great pair of headphones, the Sennheiser HD25-SP. I'm really liking these, thank you very much! Now I want to replace my E2c's. I've never like them, they are so uncomfortable and after listening to music and audiobooks with the HD25-SP I realize the E2c's sound...
  2. Linda513

    best sound quality

    Will I get better sound quality on my ipod if I download music from the itunes music store, or copy it from a cd into itunes? Thank you,
  3. Linda513

    New and need recs for headphones

    I've just spent a good hour reading posts on this forum - its quite fascinating! And there are so many different opinions its hard to decide on what I need. Here's some background: What I listen to: rock/pop/folk/soundtracks from theater and movies/audiobooks/podcasts What I listen on...