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    Sennheiser HD800 vs. Beyerdynamic T1 2nd gen vs. Klipsch Heritage HP-3

    I have the HD800 which I love it and would keep it even I have more and better one. I had been interested in the Byerdynamic T1 first generation. Of course I like the 2nd generation even more. I had Klipsch Synergy home theater system and bookshelf RP-160M. Needless to say I love this brand...
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    Full size close-back inexpensive headphone driven by smart phone and PC

    I had a few head phones which work for me greatly at home. I am looking for one that I will use at office. My Sennheiser HD Pro 380 is closed back and it does not feel comfortable. I haven't frequented this board for quiet long and I am not aware if any headphone meet what I need. 1. decent...
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    Digital Audio Player with digital output

    I am looking for a good quality Digital Audio Player to play lossless (FLAC preferred) format music and output signal via digital connection (optical, Coaxial or USB) to dedicated DAC and Amp and to headphone. I am looking for this to avoid using PC all the time to play music. I do not carry DAP...
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    Balanced vs unbalanced between DAC and Amp, and between Amp and headphone

    This is on this kind of setup:   DAC --> Amp --> Head phone   From what I read is that most people prefer the balanced transmission over unbalanced between Amp and headphone. And balanced does have advantages.   Since many DAC and Amp are integrated into on gear it seems there are not many...
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    Can one have one set of balanced cable and a few kits to connect multiple headphones?

    e.g I have Sennheiser HD800 and HD650 (also AKG K712) but the two have different connectors. I just bought the HD800 and the HDVD800 and that's a big toll on my wallet. Now the balance cable for HD800 is at $380 or higher. I wonder if I can have some kits that I can covert the balance cable to...
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    Buying open box HDVD 800

    Is it good idea to buy brand new or open box (likely returned by customer) from dealer to save $400-600? I have concern that the open box one has quality issue or potential problem that I would be unable to detect.   I just got HD800 and have no budget for HDVD 800 (ideal one for me) at all...
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    Dedicated DAC for Sennheiser HDVA 600 that make the combo perform better than the Sennheiser HDVD 800

    It's said the DAC on the HDVD 800 isn't that great though the whole unit as DAC/AMP works fantastic. The HDVA 600 has the same amp but is about $600 cheaper. So is there any dedicated DAC at around $600 that can be teamed with the HDVA 600 that outperform the HDVD 800?
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    Classic Music on Youtube and cheap CDs

    I used to buy CD from old music clubs like Columbia House or BMG but they were all gone. It's pretty expensive to buy CDs. But recently I found many famous violinists and pianists' performance or some symphonies can be found on Some sound is crappy and some sound is really good.  ...
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    Bluetooth connecting iPhone and Voxoa Inc VXH330

    I can't find more suitable forum to post this so I put it here.   I like this wireless headphone. It's using Bluetooth 4 and NFC to connect. Now I have two questions.   1. Can Bluetooth (4 is the latest) keep fidelity of lossless music? I searched on the web and cannot find any detailed...
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    Best playback from iPhone

    I want best possible sound from played from iPhone. I do have home stereo system and a couple of decent headphones with amp at home. But occasionally I may need to play some music from iPhone for like 10-20 minutes. I have at least 10 GB space on iPhone for music and that's enough for me to put...
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    Is there threshhold that amplifier must be used regard of impedance?

    I think there is no such sudden change on how you hear the sound. The sound may change gradually when the impedance change in the absence of an amplifier. I bet very few people have plenty of headphones with various impedance that cover wide range with minimal incremental changes.   My K712...
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    STAX SR 507, 407, 307, 207

    What kinds and how much difference would you expect among them if they are paired with the same capable amplifier? I guess not many people have multiple of these at same time to have very thorough comparison. From their specs they do not appear to be very different but they must be different in...
  13. HiAudio

    Sennheiser wireless RS 220 and how to best use it

    I got Sennheiser RS 220 wireless can. Man, I love it. I can't tell much difference between it and HD 650 so far. I don't think it can match HD 650 but it sounds great. I especially like it with piano music. It did not get stellar review because many people complain it drop signal and some even...
  14. HiAudio

    OPPO BDP-105 headphone Amp

    On this OPPO there is specifically installed headphone Amp. How is it? How does it comapre to other standalone headphone Amp? Can it drive Senn HD650 (and HD800)? Does it matter if connect headphone to the front headphone jack or its back balanced or unbalanced connection.
  15. HiAudio

    HD650 + Nuforce Icon HDP (+ future HD800) -- need cable

    I have the HD650 and Nuforce Icon HDP. I may get the HD800 in a year or two.   With stock cable I am fine but wonder how much difference it would be. I know the connector on HD650 and HD800 are different. But is there a cable that I could use on both HD650 and HD800 with some kinds of...
  16. HiAudio

    What's wrong for me to hear noise but no movie sound

    A few days ago I used PC --> Nuforce icon HDP via optical --> Senn HD 650 to watched a Blu ray movie for a while and had no problem.   Today I trid to play a few movies, evey one gave me mono tone consistent noise and I heard no movie sounds. I could play music CD and music file on hard...
  17. HiAudio

    (Electronic) Noise heard on headphone connected to icon HDP and PC mobo

    The set up is PC mobo ---> nuforce icon HDP via optical ---> HD 650. I randomly hear noise, sometimes freqently sometimes less freqently. It sounds like electronic noise. It not only annoying but also kills the listening at all. Initicially I thought it was from the CD ROM. But I heard it no...
  18. HiAudio

    Using CD or DVD or Blu Ray rom as player to output on motherboard

    How inferior is this to a stand alone player?   My CD/DVD rom was little over $20 from newegg. I used it to play CD and use optical cable to connect motherboard to headphone amp icon HDP. With the same  HD650 I found this inferior to the setup that I used old Oppo 971 player and old low end...