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  1. classicalguy

    Comparing JVC Budget Headphones

    I'm looking for some cheap knockaround headphones.  I've been reading reviews on here about the JVC line, many quite old, and I'm interested in a comparison.  Basically, there are the JVC HARX Line (300, 500 and 700) and the HAS line (400 and 500).  People seem to like the SQ on the HAS line but...
  2. classicalguy

    Night Music Sounds Better - Why?

    So why does music played at night sound so much better than during the day? Is it lower ambient sound levels at night, cleaner electricity, cooler temperatures, or just my imagination?
  3. classicalguy

    Nuforce Icon Desktop Amp

    I have been playing with the Nuforce Icon Desktop Amp for the last two days. For those of you who don't already know, it's a small beautifully built two channel amplifier, a quality pre-amplifier capable of switching between two analog inputs and it's own built in USB DAC, and a good quality...
  4. classicalguy

    Need Tips on Tips - Shure E2C

    Looking for advice on sleeves for my Shure e2cs. I have been using the medium clear plastic ones that came with the phones. They are a bit uncomfortable, and come loose. What are other options: Black foam olives: someone mentioned a procedure with needle nose pliers to make them work? I hope...
  5. classicalguy

    Budget USB DACs

    I really want to buy a USB Dac for less than $100 us. Headphonia has a dac cable, but they will not respond to my emails requesting information. Supposedly, they were going to have an updated version on-line by now. Behringer has a cheap board (202), but some people say the analog out is poor...
  6. classicalguy

    Syracuse (Upstate) New York Mini Meet

    I am thinking of hosting a mini meet at my house near Syracuse New York on April 12, if there is sufficient interest. If you are interested, send me a PM with your telephone number. I will call with directions if we get a decent response. I will provide BBQ, and a decent size space for setup and...
  7. classicalguy

    Audio Advice in NYC

    I'm in New York City for the next few days. Any suggestions on audio things to see/places to go/things to do while I"m here? Any particularly nice stores to tour? All advice appreciated.
  8. classicalguy

    Subway Headphones

    I would like to discuss using headphones in the noisy environment of a subway. I find that open headphones like my beloved koss ksc-75 have to be played at very loud levels to hear them because of the ambient noise. Sealed headphones like my Shure E-2s are uncomfortable and, imo, don't sound...
  9. classicalguy

    Tightwad MP3 Player - Mobiblu/Digi-Block

    Let me first confess up front that I am a terrible tightwad. Maybe bargain hunter is a better word. After losing my last music player, I decided to buy a 1G Sansa Clip for around $40. But then I stopped into Sams Club and saw this Digi-Block 2GB cube player, with a recharger, for $20. It is...
  10. classicalguy

    Inexpensive Quality Subwoofers

    I have two subwoofers: a very old 10" parts express job, and a recent 8" Athena sub. The parts express does not sound musical. It grunts and groans, but no real tight sound. On the other hand, the Athena sounds quite good with cello or string bass - very tight and natural. However, it clips and...
  11. classicalguy

    Is 48Khz Upconverting Ruining The Sound?

    I have two computer sound systems in my house. The one downstairs has an M-audio transit (proprietary ASIO) ---> T-Amp ---> bookshelf speakers. The one upstairs has an Xitel Pro (ASIO4All) ---> T-Amp ---> bookshelf speakers. Both USB sound cards. I one downstairs (Transit) sounded great. The...
  12. classicalguy

    Panasonic XR-55 or 57 Receivers

    Has anybody spent any time listening to these receivers in two channel mode for music? How do they sound? I'm very curious about how the built-in dacs compare with Chinese stereo dacs like the Zholou, Citypulse, and diyeden. Are the stereo dacs far better than the surround sound dacs in dealing...
  13. classicalguy

    New Cheap MP3 Player

    Anyone know anything about Apacer? Very inexpensive, AAA batteries, SD expansion, screen, and looks nice. Wonder how it sounds?
  14. classicalguy

    The $9 MP3 Player

    What kind of an mp3 player can you get for $9. Well, this one lacks some of the things that most MP3 players have. Like the Apple Shuffle, it has no screen. And it also has no built-in memory - you need to add an SD card. It will only play files that are in the root of the SD card - no folders...
  15. classicalguy

    Speaker Wire discussion

    Talking about speaker wire on this board is a little like talking about religion at an iraqi governing counsel meeting, but here goes. I recently bought two different kinds of inexpensive speaker wire. 14 gauge RCA branded speaker wire from Home Depo (about $20 for 50 feet), and 14 gauge...
  16. classicalguy

    Powering a T-Amp

    I'm thinking about my amp options to power some B&W 302 speakers for use with my computer. Here's my idea: (1) buy a T-Amp (Amazon $30 delivered), (2) buy the Radio shack cigarette lighter to plug adaptors (model 270-1594) (RS $12), (3) use my existing Campbell-Hausfield 2400 inflater as the...
  17. classicalguy

    Small Inexpensive Speakers for Computer

    I'm interested in buying some small speakers to be used with my computer and powered by a T-Amp (or something similar). Has anyone compared the following speakers: Athena AS-B1 $100 + $20 shipping - Audio Advisor Athena S-2c-1 $120 + Shipping? - Athena Technologies Closeout Phase Technology...
  18. classicalguy

    Beethoven Quartets and Piano Sonatas

    Enough with symphonies. I'm interested in opinions on the Beethoven String Quartets and the Beethoven Piano Sonatas. The best version I have of the quartets is the Italiano - pretty good sound, and sprightly preformances (I actually only have their middle and late quartets). The Guarneri...