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      Nobody paid "zealously" for anything, I did however pay for a product that was not yet complete, not manufactured, and certainly not shipped, under the agreement that when it was manufactured, I would get one shipped to me.  That's how pre-order works, there is no "right" to receive updates...
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    iPhone 7 Will Revolutionize Portable Audio for the First Time in a Decade

      In a thread extremely optimistic and naively titled "apple will revolutionize" and then explaining how the company that sells $700 smartphones bundled with absolutely garbage earphones to protect their precious ~30% margins is out to revolutionize audio quality for a small subset of users, I...
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    Looking for earbud alternatives, any ideas? Sony NWZ-W273s

    Good luck!  I think the popular thing for bloggers to write was that they lacked detail and over emphasized bass, but they are Sony so I think they could have written that before actually listening to them.  Like most IEM's the fit is the biggest factor to sound, I'm right between the medium and...
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    Looking for earbud alternatives, any ideas? Sony NWZ-W273s

    I found some triple flanges on ebay that fit, haven't had a chance to swim with them yet, maybe this weekend.   I honestly don't give a crap about the sound quality, so you'll want to post that in a different thread.  Anyone who is giving serious thought to the soundstage in the middle of a 12...
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    Replacements for ER6i helmet use?

      Quote: HF3's for $99 or HF2's?    
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    So...who's using Windows 7 right now?

    Quote: Originally Posted by jhoff80 It scrolls through the high channels back to 1 for me. As for going back to the old taskbar, right click it, click properties, and switch from "Always Combine" to "Never Combine". must be nice, I'm stuck at 78 and then scrolling back down...
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    Computer Builders: PSU problems?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Headphile808 If you're planning on going SLI/Crossfire, I think you should've went w/a little more power IMO (850W-1000W+). Although you'll probably be able to do it, just puts much more of a load on the PSU (Heat). Aloha Headphile808 First off 750...
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    Why do iPods sound so bad?

    Quote: Originally Posted by bigshot It's perfectly possible to enjoy the iPod and utilize iTunes without DRM. I do it every day. Oh really? Then why in the world does Apple sell the worlds biggest portable hard drive that doesn't act like a mass storage device? You brag about...
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    Why do iPods sound so bad?

    Quote: Originally Posted by liquidfireboy Apple went all out to ensure that the average Joe's user experience was perfect in every aspect. The packaging, the cd ripping, transferring songs to DAP, integration with car/hifi etc etc. Do not confuse user experience with technical...
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    FS Sennheiser CX300 CX-300 Stop wondering and Try them Out for Yourself

    "exactly what I paid for" isn't really what I look for as a buyer either. I can understand a sellers thought process, they're like new, as good as new, etc but if it's the same price, I usually go somewhere with a return policy! I could never say that in the FS forums, so woohoo for wrong...
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    Do the CX300's have the "Sennheiser Sound"?

    Quote: Originally Posted by LedZeppelin 2)EP 630 gets way more bass, yes, I am sure. (Surprise me too.) Please keep us updated after burn in, I'm kinda weary of "way more bass" than already bassy cx300's!
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    Mah own cx300 impression.

    Quote: Originally Posted by Peyotero similiar housing doesn't necessarily mean similar sound. i trust sennheiser to have the skill not to copycat lesser brands to make a decent headphone. makes sense? Can you please provide some examples of headphones that use the exact same...
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    Third Atlanta HeadFi Meet

    I live close to Atl and would be interested, but unfortunately only as a freeloader, I only have SR60's, cheap noob.
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    Trouble choosing an MP3 player

    Have you read the U3 review thread, Cowon audio is running some open box specials that might be of interest to you.
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    Cowon iAudio U3 Review - Almost Perfect

    Quote: Originally Posted by The_Duke_Of_Eli What do you mean? I'm saying that the upgrade to a larger HDD player is worth it for video. What do you mean? I'm saying first you insult the small screen size, and then for some wierd reason you want more space. You don't really need a...
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    Cowon iAudio U3 Review - Almost Perfect

    Quote: Originally Posted by The_Duke_Of_Eli I think the upgrade to something Creative/iRIver or *gasp* Ipod would be well worth it, although the size and cost do suck. Enjoy your player! If the quality goes down in an "upgrade", you have to ask yourself: is it really an upgrade...
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    Making Grados lil more comfy

    Does everyone mod their grado's? Maybe I just have a small head, but after a couple days of getting used to them, they aren't really uncomfortable. I enjoy wearing them for short naps, I can't roll over or anything, so I don't fall in too deep of sleep.
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    Worth upgrading my Grado SR-60s to SR-80s or SR-125s?

    What's your source? That's the most important thing. If you're using a source that doesn't maximize the SR-60's, then a can upgrade isn't what you need.
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    SR60 - the ideal dog-walking phone in late winter?

    Quote: Originally Posted by gsferrari If you have an accident with headphones on you are not eligible for insurance - ask your friendly insurance agency. If you get hit on the road with headphones - I would imagine a LOT of weight is taken off the vehicle driver's shoulders I'll...
  21. Falqon

    SR60 - the ideal dog-walking phone in late winter?

    Quote: Originally Posted by gsferrari I dont recommend wearing headphones on the road when there are vehicles in the vicinity. No offense, I see you've got a nice post count and all, but have you ever owned grado's? I can carry on normal conversations and listen to music with no...
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    Surround Sound Headphones?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Talonz I play CS at the OGL/TWL level and I can say that stereo sound + EAX is more then enough to pinpoint exactly where sounds are coming from, including above and below. The grados, even though they dont have a large soundstage, work well enough, and the...
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    Which headphones to get at 60$?

    come up with $10 more and get grado SR60's. There's like a million threads about them, just do a simple search.
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    So... I wore my SR-80s out in public today..

    Quote: Originally Posted by RnB180 I actually thought they looked cool, Dont understand why people stare, its not like they scream "look at me!" they are very understated and minimalist. Maybe they were staring at the dude who's staring at them in the first place, trying to see...
  25. Falqon

    beyer DT440 vs grado sr80

    I'll be the first to admit it takes a couple days, the first night after a couple hours my ears were pretty red, not too comfortable. Sounded so good though, I couldn't take them off.