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  1. EscaBoi

    2GB memory stick makes PSP amazingly versatile!

    Videos on the PSP is great. I just run them off my 2gb memory stick. What's great is that there is absolutely no lag when using Fast Forward or Rewind. Furthermore, watching anime on it is even better Audio wise i have to say the PSP isn't that great, but if you just need something for...
  2. EscaBoi

    A900s suffocating my ears

    Quote: Originally Posted by Chri5peed My ears get itchy rather than hot, but when I go to the toilet I take them off. So even 8-9 hours music listening is never actually 100% solid. HAHA!! I get the 'itchy' feeling too when I take off my A900's, for me it itches behind my ears...
  3. EscaBoi

    Pictures of your portable rig- Part V: Viva La Audio Revolution

    Quote: Originally Posted by skyline889 My Zen Vision 30GB has a line out built into the player, no adapter needed. umm... are you sure?? The headphone jack does not equal line out right??? i'm beginning to get confused again
  4. EscaBoi

    PA2V2 hissing

    I emailed Gary about this, it's not hissing, it's actually static, which is natural when you blast the volume to full. As his guide says, the best results are at 60%. So what I do now is turn up the source volume and put the amp volume at around 50-60%
  5. EscaBoi

    Your top 10 mistakes in this hobby?

    Let's see what I can come up with. 1) Discovering Head-Fi 2) Joining Head-Fi 3) Posting and asking for opinions on Head-Fi 4) Making my first purchase a low end ear bud (Senn. MX500's) 5) Thus making me upgrade to IEM's (ER6i's) 6) Spending more money upgrading IEM's (ER4P) 7) Going to...
  6. EscaBoi

    Are you supposed to use the foam covers with the stock iPod earbuds?

    the foam covers help them stay in your ear (since the ibuds are pretty small) and by having a better fit, you also get the best sound possible from your earbuds.
  7. EscaBoi

    Recommend me a pair of gaming headphones

    cheapest place? HERE on Head-Fi. get A500's for $85 shipped
  8. EscaBoi

    Recommend me a pair of gaming headphones

    I'll say it before anyone else, A500's I heard they are quite similar to the A900's. Though I dont play online RPG's, I do use them for Counter-Strike, and they are very nice and accurate when you need to locate enemies by gunfire or by footsteps. They're very nice and precise, you can hear...
  9. EscaBoi

    Coke or Pepsi???

    I only drink diet. Though I drink both Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi, I perfer the taste of Diet Pepsi. It keeps more of the real Pepsi taste, while being having 1 calorie
  10. EscaBoi

    There is a Scammer that we want to bust

    I KNEW THIS GUY WAS A SCAMMER!! His Etymotic "For Sale" topic just seemed so suspecious... did anyone lose out any money to this guy? I certainly hope not
  11. EscaBoi

    RockBox iPod 5G vs. Zen Vision:M

    Quote: Originally Posted by mbriant Warning, in case anyone took the bait: Please see this post: wow, thank god the mods are on top of this. IIRC OlivePink initially posted his/her location as Toronto. ...damn...
  12. EscaBoi

    ZVM Owners: Any problems with your device?

    actually it was another user, dhaven unless you got 2 accounts on Head-Fi
  13. EscaBoi

    ZVM Owners: Any problems with your device?

    that's 2 Vision:M's sold here in 2 days congrats on the purchase, and hopefully you enjoy it for years to come. I guess we shoulda warned you before hand that it sorts by ID3Tags
  14. EscaBoi

    The Unamped Myth: A500 and PA2V2

    hooking up the A900's with my PA2V2 sounds similar...but at the same time it just sounds so much better, despite minor differences, i guess it gives me more reason to listen louder However, I do notice a slightly better bass response, there's more punch to the bass which the PA2V2 is known...
  15. EscaBoi

    does anyone use a case for vision:m

    but all the skins look so OOOGLY until i see some nice skins like the newer iPod ones, i'll stick to my InvisibleShield which works beautifully
  16. EscaBoi

    ZVM Owners: Any problems with your device?

    Quote: Originally Posted by GreatDane My ZV:M does those 2 things ( #2 & #3 ) but not very often. Now that you mention it, i do recall problem #2...but like you said it happens rarely, once in a blue moon. as for #3 with the FM Radio going off on it's own, i've never...
  17. EscaBoi

    The Unamped Myth: A500 and PA2V2

    Quote: Originally Posted by The_Duke_Of_Eli Yes, as most people will tell you the PA2v2 is quite the bargain and my hat goes off to Gary for providing it to the general community. I would however upgrade the interconnect cable. It not only helps the sound a bit but it makes it look...
  18. EscaBoi

    Newbie looking for a cheap portable amp.

    Quote: Originally Posted by guitarman19853 is the bass boost switchable? Bass boost would be great for my M30's but i'd have to re-eq for the KSC-75's if its not. Also, i had been looking at the pa2v2 page... how did you order? through ebay or did you contact through email...
  19. EscaBoi

    Few Newbie questions on the ZVM

    i had Family Guy Seasons 1-3 on my Vision:M, i lowered the resolution from 540x405 to 320x240 so it dropped each episode by almost 100mb so Family Guy has taken up about 6.5GB, as i watch each episode on my Vision:M i delete each one
  20. EscaBoi

    MS-1 + PA2V2 or SR-225 without amp

    isn't anything over the SR80's basically sounds "blah" without an amp? or so i was told.
  21. EscaBoi

    PA2V2 hissing noises, resolution please?

    Quote: Originally Posted by jagorev Are you using the Etymotic ER4P with them? Those are very detailed and revealing (honestly, a little too revealing for the PA2V2). Also, they're the lower impedance version, and simply might not need an amp - I would bet the hissing will go away if you...
  22. EscaBoi

    How does the Shure E2C hold up against the ER-6i?

    Quote: Originally Posted by milkpowder I don't agree with some of the points that this reviewer made. His ratings are just appallingly bad! Two ratings make this his review lose its credibility: highs quality and detail. They were rated 5.0 and 4.0 respectively. This is outrageous...
  23. EscaBoi

    What PC Game are you playing now?

    i'm wasting $200 headphones on Gunbound initially i bought them for Counter-Strike (music as well of course) but i just got bored of CS recently
  24. EscaBoi

    How does the Shure E2C hold up against the ER-6i?

    I think with the ER6i's many people do not retain a proper seal with them, for those who complain about the lack of bass. I found the ER6i's to do everything quite well for me considering its price. Listening to the E4C's, they sound very similar with the exception of bass, which it seems you...