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  1. Denim

    Music Server help

    The Prodigy hd2 looks very good. A quick check on eBay didn't show any for auction now. It's not a bad idea and offers a path for digital out. Thanks fzman! We use to have an inductive amp meter at work. I know we don't any longer. If I can read the current easily, then I'll take the reading...
  2. Denim

    How loud can you push an integrated receiver and maintain SQ??

    If you are anywhere near maxed out on the volume knob on the amp, then I bet it's clipping. It's safer to have an amp that is rated for twice the power that the speakers can handle than the other way around. Do you have a CD player for comparison? Play a CD and then the MP3 file. Are they about...
  3. Denim

    Music Server help

    As a matter of fact -- YES! I'm thrilled with the case. I gave a lot of thought to what I really wanted before I began the build. I wanted a case that did not have a volume control, simply because the output would go to a stereo amp. A big knob on the front just wasn't going to cut it. So I...
  4. Denim

    Motherboard SPDIF to Coax

    I want to use the SPDIF header on my motherboard and connect it to a coax output to feed a DAC. I know I need ground and out from the header. Is there anything I need to look out for? Standard 1 pair, 20 guage or so solderd to a coax union (or whatever it's called). Distance fom header to coax...
  5. Denim

    Lynyrd Skynyrd

    Watch out -- you're likely to discover Allman Bros, Outlaws, and a bunch of other Southern Rock now! Skynyrd will continued to be redisovered until music is banned.
  6. Denim

    Music Server help

    I look at a lot of Antec cases. I know they are great. I told myseld that I wasn't going to have a case with a volume control knob. That limited the search down quite a bit. I may regret the one I selected, I'll probably know in a week. I believe I can make this case work. I've got a 45W...
  7. Denim

    Music Server help

    FYI -- My Case There is a lot to like about the CPU fan you selected. The case is 6.6" high. I haven't measured the inside clearance yet. Should have it in a couple days.
  8. Denim

    Music Server help

    Thanks for the replies -- I use PC's similar to Atoms for some projects at work. While I see the benefits, it's not what I want for this task. I selected an HTPC case that fits in with my existing stereo equipment. The 5400rpm drives never crossed my mind. Glad I asked! It will be a...
  9. Denim

    And we thought our economy was in bad shape.

    Take another look at that note. It comes with an expiration date!
  10. Denim

    The Allman Brothers Band or Lynyrd Skynyrd (cast your vote)

    Quote: Originally Posted by DLeeWebb Without The Allman Brothers Band there would be no Lynyrd Skynyrd. I like Lynyrd Skynyrd but they do not compare to The Allman Brothers! Right on the money! Allman Bros tops the list.
  11. Denim

    Exact Audio Copy Freedb(Database) problem?

    Have you tried removing and reinstalling EAC? I'd bet something is overlooked, but don't know what it could be. Do you use a proxy server for ou Internet connection? I don't know if that would affect it, just thinking of what could be causing the problem. Did anything change with your...
  12. Denim

    Dedicated mini-itx music PC?

    I hope you go through with this idea. We use Atoms for dedicated PC's for our clints at work. They seem to hold up well and should work well at a music server. Ours have XP running on them. Linux should scream!
  13. Denim

    DAC for tube amp

    Quote: Originally Posted by TheMarchingMule Try a KECES DA-131/151, perhaps? The 151 looks like a nice fit. Price is right at around 250 or so. I'm pleased that it has only one function; to be a DAC. No volume control or any other features. The reviews I've seen had it paired...
  14. Denim

    DAC for tube amp

    I intend to "update" my stereo system this fall and need some advice. I have the majority of my CD's as FLAC and MP3's which will be housed in a dedicated Music Server. (Hope to have that piece completed in a month or so.) I have a set of Klipsch speakers (horn speakers) and will either find /...
  15. Denim

    Rock music without vocals

    If the older stuff suits you, then check out The Allman Brothers. It's southern rock at its finest. Mountain Jam is over 30 minutes and not one vocal. They have several other tunes without vocals. Most of their stuff has vocals, so don't expect full albums of vocal free material.
  16. Denim

    Groundbreaking Albums written by artists at a very early age?

    I instantly thought of Steve Winwood when I saw this thread. I had to look up his bio to get the dates. This kid knew who to team up with! In 1963, at the age of 15, he co-founded the Spencer Davis Group. Their big hit was "Gimmie Some Lovin". (Just in case you had to think about it ) In...
  17. Denim

    Why aren't 'The Doobie Brothers' as revered as some?

    "The Captain and Me" is a great album IMO. I have several Doobie Bros albums and usually have one saved on my player. They had a lot of air time years ago, but I never got tired of them.
  18. Denim

    Sony NWZ-A818 Protection?

    I bought the clear case at the Sony Style store about a week after getting my Walkman. No problems, works fine. Get something to protect your Walkman.
  19. Denim

    Are You Deranged Enough...

    I remember having "They Only Come Out At Night" on 8-track in the seventies. Frankenstein would fade out as it switched tracks and continued on the next track. I wore that tape out!
  20. Denim

    What (audio stuff) you got for the holidays (Myself - brand-new Senns HD414!) =)

    I got a Walkman NWZ-A818 from my wife. We picked it up a couple days ago. She wanted to be sure to get the right one, so it became an early present. I'm so happy!
  21. Denim

    Going to Budapest next year, so need some tips pls

    I was in Monor for a week about 5 years ago. Monor was about 30 minutes from Budapest if my memory hasn't failed me yet. I never had time to do any extensive sight seeing, but was able to roam around a couple evenings and enjoyed the place. I stayed in an old hotel with a thatched roof. I...
  22. Denim

    Bruce Hornsby Free MP3's

    I posted the link before I completed a download. I haven't completed one yet! I'm expecting great tunes and very good bitrates. I just hope to get them all before they pull them from the site.
  23. Denim

    Bruce Hornsby Free MP3's

    The Bruce Hornsby website is offering some free MP3 downloads for a limited time. Enjoy! (follow link below) Bruce Hornsby
  24. Denim

    Help with EAC

    I'm surprised it works without the %s %d. I don't remember their function, just that they had to be there. Glad you have it working. For what it's worth, I don't use the ignore tag errors, but verify the genre is in the dropdown list when freedb fills in the info.
  25. Denim

    Help with EAC

    I've compared your switches to mine and didn't see anything wrong. I don't use the "--ignore-tag-errors ", but the rest looks good. I had a similar problem when I set up EAC/Lame initially. First, cut down the Lame switch to the absolute minimum, like -V 0 (I think that's acceptable). If it...