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  1. theBigD

    Which albums sound best with your Grado?

    In regards to DIO "Holy Diver".  Is that the msfl version?  I just got the msfl master and it seems to clip just a bit which is kinda annoying.  Sound pretty great in the mid-range but just a bit hot and tizzy in the highs.
  2. theBigD

    Another "What should I buy thread" sorry but I need advice

    I would definently try to get the open headphones approved.  I find my Grado 325is to be a nice alternative to the Denon D5000,  faster and more mid focused they are great for the genres you prefer.  I also wonder about the orthodynamics,  haven't had a chance to audition though.
  3. theBigD

    What headphones?

    I would give the Grado 225i or the Denon D2000 a shot.  The Grado house sound is amazing for ROCK, anything with guitar and vocal is to die for.  Denon will give you more a** kicking bass but enough mids and highs to be pretty balanced.
  4. theBigD

    Which albums sound best with your Grado?

    WOW the MSFL remaster of Megadeth's Countdown to extinction is INCREDIBLE!!! on the Grado 325,  the Guitar in High Speed Dirt is Visceral and Textured and real.  Just amazing!
  5. theBigD

    The Official Grado 325i Owners Club.

    Recently moved up from the 125 that were my very first into to good headphones in 2003 to the 325i.  I am very happy with the 325i sound wise. The improved dynamics and bass are well worth it.  The funny thing is for quite some time reading the boards about different grado flavors the 325 was...
  6. theBigD

    Symphones Magnum upgrade for Grado SR325 and Alessandro MS2

    Ive seen several posts about the magnums being heavier than the 325.  Does anyone know the exact change in weight?  Or what about hazarding a guess?  
  7. theBigD

    Denon D2000/D5000, MD2000/MD5000 Thread!

    Just finished the mods on my D5000 headphones and really lovin the improved midrange and high end on these phones.  I miss the crazy bass a little but the impoved balance of the headphone is so worth it.
  8. theBigD

    The Official Grado 325i Owners Club.

    I just got my Grado 325i monday.  Ben listening to them ever since!  Love them.  Now thinking about the Magnum mod
  9. theBigD

    Grado Fan Club!

    Ive always like the grado sound but not so much the comfort.  Having said that I have a pair of 325Ii headphones on the way,  and I can't wait to get them!
  10. theBigD

    Head-Direct EF-1

    I liked the hdams the best. Sun was my favorite, but earth was good as well. They are pretty difficult to mount in the ef1 and I think the voltage wasnt very stable with them. I would think the ef5 would produce a more constant voltage and might be better for hdam use.
  11. theBigD

    Audio GD C2C

    Quote: Originally Posted by umbalito Could someone help me out here? Could you kind of run your fingers on the top plate of the C2C when it's plugged into power / and compare to when it's not plugged in to power? Does it feel any different? I'm definitely getting the "current"...
  12. theBigD

    denon ah-d2000: Amp v markl mod

    Get the amp. Read the Markl Mod thread. Do the Mod yourself.
  13. theBigD

    Best looking solid state amps

    here are my two favorites!
  14. theBigD

    How To Build One Of The World's Finest Dynamic Headphones (markl Denon AH-D5000 Mods)

    For more late night reading visit the Compass thread 474 pgs and still growing!
  15. theBigD

    might downgrade from d7000 to d2000

    Its your amp and source that need upgrading. the d7000 needs good powerfull amplification and a good clean dac to sound the best. and the d5000 has boomier bass than d7000 and i imagine d2000 is similar to d5000.
  16. theBigD

    General DAC/Amp/Headphone setup questions

    What is it your finding weak about your current setup? My EF1 was pretty muddy in its first 100hrs so plan to burn it in. Then roll the tubes and op amp and have fun!
  17. theBigD

    REVIEW: Purity Audio Caliente vs Audio GD C2C

    I did more of a comparison a while back between compass and EF1 and feel they are more comparable. I think these two amps are on a higher level than either of those amps. The EF1 in its stock configuration, I find a bit slow and less revealing than these amps. I think these amps mate better with...
  18. theBigD

    need amp to drive Denon D5000's? ($300-$400 range)

    For low impedance headphones like denon solid state is generally better. I really like the audio gd c2c or purity audio kicas or caliente. havent heard the other amps your asking about.
  19. theBigD

    REVIEW: Purity Audio Caliente vs Audio GD C2C

    Quote: Originally Posted by tonsosnot Is there one you prefer with the K701? It seems the wider soundstage of the Caliente may be a bit too much with the already huge soundstage of the K701. That's a good question. Maybe even the real reason I got the caliente hoping it would...
  20. theBigD

    REVIEW: Purity Audio Caliente vs Audio GD C2C

    Hi everyone. I got an Audio GD C2C about a month ago and really like it. I had been reading lots of reviews on the Purity Audio Caliente and Skylab and Tbonners reviews in particular seemed very favorable. So I couldn't resist ordering a caliente when it became available a couple weeks back. I...
  21. theBigD

    Discerning the difference between bitrates...

    Before I started playing with DACs it was certainly much harder to tell the difference between mp3 and flac. When I was using the x-fi for source could barely tell the difference between 160kps and cd. The x-fi adds so much sizzle to the midrange cd didnt really sound that much better. Now with...
  22. theBigD

    Denon D7000's Midrange and Treble

    For me the Source has made the most dramatic effect on Glare or edginess with d7000. Out of my X-FI sound was pretty rough and edgy. Compass smoothed everything out, a little too much. The Stello DA100 I use know is perfect to my ears. very musical never unpleasant unless the music is poorly...
  23. theBigD

    REVIEW: Purity Audio K.I.C.A.S. Caliente home headphone amp - updated with comments on regular KICAS

    Quote: Originally Posted by K3cT That is something I'm looking forward to. The Caliente might suit the Denon well as the warmth could fill its rather neutral midrange. The C2C for sure does this! Very lush midrange.
  24. theBigD

    Remember when you where Young and Music just washed over you and touched your inner soul?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Ham Sandwich It's the stages of developmental psychology that cause us to seek out and revel in new experiences like music when we are young. As you mature you lose that. You aren't going to get those feelings and experiences back with better gear unless that...