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  1. doty

    IEMs Below $150 for IPOD 5G

    Hi guys, any recommendations for iems that goes well with ipod 5g?
  2. doty

    Carrying Case for Grados/Alessandros

    hi guys, just wondering any recommendations for cases that fits grados/alessandro cans for daily use?
  3. doty

    help!!! Comparison between ALO cryo, silver-cotton and cryo jumbo.

    what are the difference between this 3 IC from ALO? copper = warmer sound and silver = clearer sound? thicker cables better than the thinner ones? some help will be appreciated. cheers
  4. doty

    Recommendations needed for IPOD interconnectors.

    hi guys..any good interconnectors (dock to mini) to recommend for my Ipod 5g? thanks
  5. doty

    Help!! Meier Move or EMU0404 w/amp?

    hi guys some help needed as im new here..just wondering which will be better in quality? The meier acts as a amp and a DAC or should i get the emu0404 + another amp? im using alessandro ms-2. Thanks!