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  1. xelion

    Guitar Amplifiers

    Well I've just gotten in to DIY audio type things, made a cmoy, got a second one in the process(just needs an opamp) for my friend. And I was wondering if there are any good cheap amplifiers that would work with a speaker so I could use it with my guitar. I guess my real question is, what is...
  2. xelion

    Cmoy troubleshooting

    Okay, well I first had a problem with my power supply section, all the voltage was going to one side, but I got that fixed by cleaning up the soldering point on the back, so now it sounds through both phones, but the sound is really quiet, even with the pot turned all the way up and my player...
  3. xelion

    DIY Interconnects

    Well, I'm attempting my hand at some DIY audio gear, got most of my cmoy done, and I'm trying to get a mini-mini cable, but I had a problem, two of the cords are touching. It's the ground and the right channel I think. Is that okay, or should I desolder it all and do it back again? Also, does...
  4. xelion

    Need a good dremel tool/drill.

    Well, I've gotten into audio DIY, started building a cmoy, going good so far, but now I need a dremel tool and possibly a drill so that I can make the holes in my tin to put it all together. So I'm looking for cheap, but not so cheap I'll have to buy a new one next week, like 30-50 dollar...
  5. xelion

    1/8 inch plugs

    Well I'm getting into DIY audio stuff, and I was thinking I could make a new cable for my guitar. So I was wondering where I could find some good(high quality) 1/8 inch plugs. And cable, and the 3.5mm plugs all in the same store.
  6. xelion

    Need some more help deciding.

    well I've made a few threads before, but it seems almost no one replys to mine But I was looking for some help. I have about $300 max to spend, but I was looking to spend closer to 150-200. I was looking at the ER4P's a while back, but then I was thinking maybe my ears wouldn't be able to...