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  1. xelion

    Ratshack Pot. help needed

    Alright guys, thanks, I guess I got the wrong part (>_<) I hope I had an extra pot in my last order from mouser...
  2. xelion

    Ratshack Pot. help needed

    Well, I'm trying to use this pot I got from radioshack( and I just can't figure out the pinout of it. I also can't figure out if it's mono, and woulnd't be sutiable to modulate the volume on my amp. If anyone knows the pinout of it, or can...
  3. xelion

    Anybody has any 3mm LEDs? (Or anybody placing any orders soon) - Canada prefered :)

    Well I was about to place an order on Mouser, I'm not in Canada though, I could pick up some extra led's for you if you want.
  4. xelion

    Guitar Amplifiers

    Quote: Originally Posted by blip First thing to do is to set up your specifications: A) How efficient is the speaker you are using? I don't have a speaker yet, so suggest one. B) How loud do you need it? (Take these two together to figure out the wattage you need) loud. C)...
  5. xelion

    Need a good dremel tool/drill.

    Well I got a dremel, Craftsman, got it from Sears for 60 bucks(was on sale) It's variable speed and seems pretty nice, couldn't get a better soddering iron becuase of the price, but the soldering iron can wait until my next project I guess. I got some drill bits for it, and I hope that the...
  6. xelion

    How to make an interconnect Step by Step With Pics

    Well I guess this is the best place for my question, I was going to make a mini to mini cable, and thought I'd make a new guitar cable as well, so I got a couple of the connectors, and I got stereo instead of mono. Will I still be able to use them?
  7. xelion

    Good cable?

    Canare is only like .49 / ft $.42 my bad. The plugs from that site are expencive though, like 5 bucks for a headphone jack.
  8. xelion

    Need some more help deciding.

    ahh people responding Well I said it all in a few other threads before and no one answered still, but anyways: I'm looking for just a good sound, i'm new to high end headphones, so I just want something that will make me go 'wow' I listen to mainly rock/metal also a lot of classic rock. I...
  9. xelion

    Need to end this.....

    Even if you go out and buy some headphones and end up not liking them, return them for a refund, or turn around and sell them to someone else in the for sale forums and try again. that's what I'm planning on doing. or to an extent at least. I'm getting some ER6i IEM's, and I plan to sell them...
  10. xelion

    Need some more help deciding.

    Anybody at all? These forums are pretty slow for having so many members...
  11. xelion

    DT770(Pro) or ATH-A700? (or other?)

    I'm looking for some good cans at about the 150 dollar range. I want a good soundstage, bass, treble, and mids. Just the best all around can. I'm also planning on getting an amp, either a Cmoy, or a Pint if I have enough money. Also, what(if any) is the difference between the DT770 and...
  12. xelion

    Help figuring out which phones(~100-150 bucks)

    Well, I was going to get some ER4P's, but then my guy I was gonna get them from sold them off to someone else, and I was thinking if I should get them, or just get some fullsized cans. Right now all I'm using are my JVC HA-V570 headphones that I got somewhere off the internet for like 20 bucks...
  13. xelion

    Best portable for sound quality - IPOD still hard to beat?

    so I was looking for a new mp3 player as well, I currently have a Creative Zen Xtra 30gb model(you know, those huge bricky things that weigh about 2 pounds) and was reading through this topic, it seems you all only care about the navigation of the players. As long as it works what does it...
  14. xelion

    ER6i vs. ER-4P

    Can I get some opinions, is the ER-4P a big enough jump in sound quality to warrent the extra cost? I've found a pair of each on the for sale forum, and I just can't decide which I want. I've heard the ER-4P is just great, and a big step up from the ER6i's, but what are your guy's opinions on...
  15. xelion

    Best cheap earbuds?

    Hmm, well I've decided to get either the ER6 or the ER6i, I can't decide, the ER6i is supposed to be easier to drive from a mp3 player, and has more bass, but the ER6 has better accuracy, and is black(which is a plus). So better representation of the sound, or more bass. Help me decide.
  16. xelion

    Best cheap earbuds?

    *coughbumpcough* Those Sony Ex90's look nice, I read the cnet review of them, bass is definatly a plus, what are others opinions of them?
  17. xelion

    Best cheap earbuds?

    I hide my player in my hoodie, and make a hole in the pocket and run the cord up to my ears, where my hair covers it. And I usually only listen to one bud at a time so that if the teacher calls on me I can still hear them, so the isolation is no problem, and would actually be nice becuase...
  18. xelion

    Best cheap earbuds?

    Also, would you guys suggest getting an amplifier? How much do they affect the sound? What would be a good one, for like cheap? Are the Cmoy's any good?
  19. xelion

    Best cheap earbuds?

    Well I need the buds for school, they don't allow headphones, so I have to hide them to listen to them. And I'm sure anything would be better than my crappy 5 dollar walmart earbuds. What about the Shure E2c's? How do they sound? Or the ER6i? If they are a lot better than others, I...
  20. xelion

    Best cheap earbuds?

    Well, I've been wanting some nice headphones forever now, and now that I have a job, I've decided to get me some, though not really nice ones like some HD600's or whatever(I'm a noob) as I need to save up for a car still, but some decent earbuds for use at school and such. I was looking to...
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