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  1. EscaBoi

    PA2V2 hissing noises, resolution please?

    When i use the PA2V2 on my Vision:M, i usually hear hissing noises around the 6 o'clock point on the volume knob, but usually turn it to the 9 o'clock position for maximum benefit. On my computer, it begins at the 4 o'clock point. This is when everything is on mute, it doesn't bother me too...
  2. EscaBoi

    ATTN: ATH-ES7 owners or anyone who wants to comment

    well i've had Audio Technica ATH-ES7's for about 3 weeks now, haven't used them too much as of yet. Now i don't know if i'm just bored or stupid (could be latter ) but on a few occasions when i took them out and let people play around with them, they don't seem to give good care to...